ACIM Lesson 227

Lesson 227: “What is a miracle?”  “This is my holy instant of release.”

This lesson says, “And I am free because I was mistaken, and did not affect my own reality at all by my illusions.”

The ego’s general practice is to bind us because we think we made a reality outside of God.

The Course reminds us to stick with our will combined with God. 

When we think the ego’s will is preferable then we fabricate some reality- by projecting out- that will seem to gel into the world that we propose has value. 

But the ego always makes something that feels so real that we don’t know how to resist it.  God on the other hand is the only reality that truly exists.  The problem is that we imagine the ego has validity and we buy into the illusion.

But the Course reminds us that this is no problem whatsoever. 

Despite our clumsy ego trying to take all the power and control, this issue is solved well- that God is the only real energy that exists anyway.

Therefore, there is nothing for us to do but understand that the ego has no basis in reality.

The Course wants to reminds us- that this is an illusion.  It doesn’t actually exist because it is not of God.  Therefore, we don’t have to worry or stress over the fact that the ego is trying to shift its own reality into one of power.  The ego may pretend but has no real power.

God on the other hand is not upset that we have been trying to make our illusions real and forget God.

God understands we get lost.  This means God will love us anyway, and simply points out our error.

God is not in a any way at odds with us when we pretend illusions make any sense. 

We are simply asked to stop doing it for our own sake so we don’t feel burdened in the constant effort to make the ego’s reality with some validity.

God reminds us that we have done nothing wrong and therefore, are totally sinless as always.

We forgot that God is the only option we want.  We made ego’s reality desirable.

God asks us to sit back and realize that our illusion and desire for illusion is all gone.

Nothing we think in anyway affects that God loves us completely and that we are infinitely blessed as God’s children. 

The reason we are free is that we let go of any other thought than that God loves us exactly as we are now and we have surrendered that old ego want to make illusions real.

There is no other reason we could be happy and free.  This is the only reality that frees us in the long run and in the ways that are important to us.

The holy instant is when we remember we never left God. 

It is holy because it is when we remember we are always one with God no matter how things look.

The release is that we know God takes away any thought that we lost God.  Our holy instant is always in our minds because it is the experience that we know God loves us.

We just need to give up any idea we made any mistake in confirming the illusion that would affect us in a way we couldn’t turn right back and allow it to be undone with the willingness to let God carry us exactly into this holy instant.

When we are attached to our own will we are bound.

The Course teaches us that God is the answer to resolving this rigid controlling we have to the ego’s will. 

We are learning to surrender our attachment to our ego’s will.

Attachment is – our own inner conflict because we don’t know how to give it to God’s altar for His purification. 

We are asked to keep surrendering and just keep praying and do everything with God.

We can learn methodically to give away attachment.

We show up and do our best.  And we make mistakes in the process.

Then we forgive ourselves over and over. 

This is the only way to make progress with our attachment.


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