ACIM Lesson 3

Lesson 3: “I do not understand anything I see in this room (on this street, from this window, in this place).”

The Course teaches us that we often try to exclude things from God. 

The ego likes to make certain things unreachable for God so we don’t allow them to be cleansed and organized and sorted out by God.  We want God to be able to direct us whether something is meant to be for us.

We want to reach the Holy Spirit for the interpretation that the Holy Spirit gives us that helps us understand what we are meant to do.  

We often assume some things are not within the realm of what God can adequately solve. 

But this is a big error.

God is supremely powerful and able to fix anything and everything.

Therefore, we don’t have to stress over whether God can help, but just be willing to have the conversation with God about how He can help us. 

When we trust that God can and will help us in whatever way He deems appropriate and helpful, then our faith increases and we end up resting in our certainty because we fully trust God has a plan. 

This relieves our suffering.  We just need to do it.

This lesson says, “Anything is suitable if you see it.  Some of the things you see may have emotionally charged meaning for you.”

When emotionally charged thoughts come up, we tend to put them away in the back of our minds because the extra heavy stuff seems too complicated to get fixed. 

We just need to connect with the fact that God is always able and willing.

Or we may be afraid of emotionally charged stuff because we may not be very good at actually dealing with it in a constructive way- where we feel harmonious in the end.  Then we get nervous and shove those feelings down.

The ego gets really frightened of those authentic moments where we get really honest about how we feel. 

We often run scared because when the emotionally charged stuff comes up we can feel too vulnerable to deal with it in way that makes us feel good a the end.

God doesn’t judge us and is happy to support us when we have emotionally charged moments and thoughts.

Getting into those deep recesses of our minds is not frightening to do; though it might scare us in some ways.

We just bring everything we think causes us fear and we give it right to God.

This is the primary way to heal.

We sit on God’s altar and we surrender our fear there at the feet of God. 

Further, we are asked to live bravely and bring that part of us that we think is to fragmented to be healed in an adequate way. 

We then realize the thinking- that we could not heal perfectly- is simply a mistake. 


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