ACIM Lesson 128

Lesson 128: “The world I see holds nothing that I want.”

This lesson says, “This will not tempt me to delay myself.”  The Course teaches that our journey’s end is to be united with God.  This is absolutely going to happen because God planned it this way.  God is of our energy because God created us.  Therefore, what is alike in energy is meant to be merged.  This is why we must appreciate that God wants us to be with Him without any ego’s expressing disapproval, without any ego’s rejection of God’s purpose of joining.

We will be with God in the conclusion in our minds no matter how much we make a fuss because this is the preset fate for us. 

Therefore, the final outcome of our uniting with God is a sure thing.  That means that it is simply a matter of time. If the Course didn’t teach that our joining with God is a sure thing then we would worry- constantly wondering if we were going to be able to get back to the realization that we are joined with God.

This is a beautiful thing because God is absolutely our fail-safe.  He is telling us now that there is no way something could go wrong in this process because God absolutely has the perfectly outlined and implemented plan.  That means all we have to do is accept this.

This is awesome because it means that there is a happy outcome when we remember that joining with God is our only true joy possible.

That means we can sit and relax because God is always in control of what is happening in our minds.  That’s why we don’ have to suffer over anything that happens because God ensures for us a conclusive end to our suffering even if we are not sure we know how to make that happen.

The Course says that God’s plan is the final plan and so we can just enjoy the ride. 

God has every detail mapped out.  We just have to bring our willingness.

The Course says that we get to have a choice about when we want to realize that we and God never left each other.  We have a choice to delay as long as we want.  We can delay because time means nothing in God’s Universe; it is unreal.

That’s why God is in no way upset at us for delaying, because time means nothing to Him. 

The ultimate outcome no matter what our path to getting there is that we will realize we never left the mind of God.  This is a huge relief that we don’t have to sit around and hope for a happy ending with no possibility of it in sight.  God absolutely gives us the happy ending because we will in time remember that we never separated from God.

This lesson says that we are tempted by the world.

We may have those moments when looking away from the prizes we can assemble in the world is futile.  

We may feel an incredible pull to the world’s fantasy of ecstasy.  We become mesmerized by the illusion and we buy into it.

It looks so awesome sometimes we can’t even take our eyes off all the glimmering morsels of the world’s perks.

The Course is teaching us to simply forgive ourselves for the pull there.  We forgive ourselves because we have an incredible groove in the world’s offerings that appeals to us in ways it is difficult to deny.  Just hold this very gently in our minds.

Be firm in our choosing to not accentuate our attachment to these. 

We have infinite light in our minds because we are loved by God.  We just have to practice loving this instead.

We can still love the world’s glimmering objects, but learn to  love God’s offering of peace most without any question.

Then the world’s pull becomes less intense because we are clear about what is our number one priority and passion.


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