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Friday, May 6, 2016

Lesson 127: “There is no Love but God’s.”

The Course is teaching us that God is everywhere.  All of Love is an extension of God.  God shows up in the situations that seem to be a lack of Love.

It is all the opportunity to share Love.

A situation is either a call for Love or it is Love already.  That means we have to simply realize that Love is always the end result of each and every situation.

That means that we will bring Love to the situation if we have any inkling that it seems to be lacking in any way. 

The appropriate response to anything is to celebrate the Love in it and join or bring Love and then rejoice and join in it.

We will always find ourselves in situations that are all Love in their essence.  God is actually everywhere because God as supreme Entity can be no less than perfectly present at all situations.  We just have to remember Love may look different in our ego perception than we may believe it to be.

We may think on the surface, God does not seem to be there. 

We can appreciate that, acknowledge that when it happens, but then look more deeply there because God is always somewhere because God is all places.  That means we just must let God be the appearance of people who fight wars and that God is places where people rob stores and punch out their loved ones.

We have to let it be ok that we simply must not judge what we see as lacking God.  

We don’t know God’s plan for one thing, we don’t know if God is preparing the place to be the perfect learning arena for us or some other person.  We must just let love look unfamiliar and still trust that God is still always within reach even when we believe a situation looks loveless.  We may ask the Holy Spirit what is the best way for us to respond to the situation to see what makes sense for us to modify the scenario that may be helpful to the situation.

But whatever we do,  we are asked- no matter what- to bring Love with us. 

It is no matter if we are picketing or boycotting products or blogging our ideas to share with others who feel called to move in the same ways.  We always are asked to bring God’s Love with us because this is the only way for us to do God’s Will on earth.

When we bring Love then we are allowing ourselves to touch others in need of love. 

That is the only way; we must bring hearts that are sharing the Love of God, which is all healing and appropriate and truly soothing to whomever we meet.

The Course teaches us to appreciate that whatever action we feel called to make is not the important thing. Whether we bring God’s Love, this is the only truly healing element of what we bring.

Every physical action in the world is a band aid and may be helpful in the moment, but our open hearts that are overflowing of the Love of God, this feeds everyone on every level.  The Love we can carry with us in all we do, therefore, we way may change our activities, but still carry God’s Love with us.  Sometimes when we participate in the world’s solving of problems there, there can be a harshness in our minds.

We may feel moved to make some action, but our task as the miracle worker is make sure our minds are totally saddled with God’s Love. 

This is what makes us gentle and also effective at healing people truly and the situation in whatever its physical manifestation.  

The Love allows us to act in compassionate ways, with hearts that are open to hearing when it makes sense to change whatever form our help takes as we can hear it within.  Sometimes when we reach to fix the world the ego has a fist in our hearts and we get attached to the outcome of the scenario. But we are learning in the Course to let go of our tendency to judge.  Trust that this is perfect as it is and allow our minds to release our idea of how we think it should look externally.

The shift in the consciousness of the people with whom we share love, is the only important and lasting thing we can do. 


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