ACIM Lesson 282

Lesson 282: “What is the Holy Spirit?”  “I will not be afraid of love today.”

The Course teaches us to undo our fear.

Love is perfect; the perfect antidote for any seeming struggle or outrageously onerous issue. 

Our fear is the only problem we or anyone, for that matter, actually have.

We hear Jesus’s teaching over and over that God’s Love is the most phenomenal expression and experience; it is the most ideal state of mind and state of being.  In God’s infinite wisdom, He has given us Love because Love gives us the experience of peace and actual contentment in the human experience-  all that we desire.  Love is never the problem.

We tend to have skewed perceptions and we somehow elect with the ego’s advice that Love is trouble for us.  This is a mistake for sure.  We learn here how often and quickly we do this, so we can eventually gain a greater awareness of how we feel.

Then, we can use this information simply for the support in correcting our thinking. 

The Course reminds us there is never anything wrong with love because it is God’s cherished gift.

The problem is that when we forget that love is pure and unadulterated.  

This means love is never tainted in any way- with any amount of fear attached to it.

Because Love is perfect and of God it is reliably never changing and never includes any shred of its opposite- fear.

This would make love simply not love.  Love can only be itself, nothing more nothing less. 

This is why we are asked to sit down and take this in.

Love is never the error.  We just forget how to perceive love. 

The fear is in the ego’s perception.

We can appreciate all the time when we view the world with all bumps and bruises, it is strictly all of love and of God. 

Our job is to take this in at a deeper level.  When we look at the world and think we see fear, we are asked to simply take a deep breath, and on the out breath, let fear go.  Our job is to remember that this continues always.

Thus, when we see and perceive in the world with ego’s eyes, we will still never buy into the nightmare.

Our task is to stay vigilant in the process of choosing how we perceive.

We do this for ourselves.  When we do something that works emotionally, we are the primary recipients. 

We get the best outcome.

The problem is when we forget we are worthy of choosing again.

It is easy to mistakenly believe we are with too many flaws to be greeted by God at Heaven’s gate.  It makes perfect sense for us to make effort in practicing what will work for us because we get the ultimate and utterly happy experience of joining in the peace of God.  It’s fun.

Then, we can live through playing, singing, and dancing all day long because we are the most fortunate out there. 

We remind ourselves our worth.  Elevated quality of life gives us a happy dream and therefore, all we want out of life.

It is worth doing for sure when we sit with sane hearts and minds.


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