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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Lesson 126: “All that I give is given to myself.”

There is no departure of energy within ourselves when we give.

The ego believes that energy leaves us first in this action and then goes out to the world to land in some unknown destination and then generally gets stuck there and never returns to our consciousness. 

The world thinks giving is always with that terrible conclusion of less for the giver.  God teaches us that this is indeed totally different.

There is nothing outside of us as the Course says.

I am the only person here- me and God.

Therefore, the idea of something leaving our own energy simply makes no sense because nothing leaves our consciousness for some other possible destination.

It all is contained within us to begin with and then simply returns to us as well in the outcome because energy is all coming in and out of us but never leaves our sphere of energy. 

The Course says that our energy in giving is simply given right back to us, because there is no where to go but to us.

The Course says that we are all whole exactly as we are.  We are healthy, whole, healed and free to save the world because God makes us this way.  That means that our whole state is a done deal.

The world influences us to believe that we are simply fragmented people. 

The ego always sees the separation from God outside and inside of us and so believes wholeheartedly that we are always just in the state of managing the scraps of our personality.

The idea of our wholeness has simply yet to occur to the ego.  Then we behave in ways that are within the lines of being lesser functioning because we perceive our own flaws in the form of this fragmented mentality. This also brings with it our fragmented sense of how our body is or how the world is.

Everything looks askew when we lose touch with what makes us powerful. 

Our unique scenario is that we are perfectly whole exactly now and always will be because God says this is the case.

When we act from a place of being fragmented then we can’t believe things like our givings being given right back.

 We believe in scarcity and the separation from God because our mentality is wrong and off.  We have the wrong idea of how things are in God’s perfectly created Universe.

Thus, this causes us to simply not stand firm in our comfort of what it feels like to be whole. 

We forget because we forgot to rest in our certainty that all is well in our minds and bodies exactly as they are.

Therefore, we forget that there is no imbalance in how the world of abundance naturally comes around when we stay connected to our identity and purpose as God’s Will.

The Course says there are things that we can’t see from our naked eye.  God always has a plan about how our giving affects the greater whole of the Universe even if we can’t in the moment see the truth.  We are asked to have faith that our purpose is perfectly planned and God is always giving us ways to give that end up benefiting folks we may or may not ever meet.

Just allow ourselves to relish giving because it is the way to serve God in the form of our brother’s and sister’s seeming to have need.


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