Lesson 317 Laurie’s Reflections

Friday, November 13, 2015

Lesson 317: “What is the Last Judgment.”  “I follow in the way appointed me.”

The Course teaches us how to be at peace with our choices and we also have the opportunity to choose with God by our own will and volition.  We also get to have our relationship with our one and only God Who completely loves us and deems us forever worthy of that Love. Therefore, God is always showing us the way.  We don’t have an apathetic God Who is actually angry at us for not being good enough to meet whatever standard and thus withholding the way to get to peace and withholding the resolution to our own inner blocks.

The Course teaches us to relax because God so cares about us that He is always available to show us the way to resolve our inner distress with a touch of forgiveness and heartfelt compassion.  Then we have all of our bases covered.  We have a God who is happy to demonstrate to us how to get where we are going and to do it with a heart full of Love and gentleness.  The God who so loves us is also available to teach us how to build our own inner discipline so we get practice making resolute decisions about being willing to live in the purpose of God and to do so consistently.

God meets us in every way.  God can fill in any gaps in our minds and hearts where we think we have found a leak inside and may not therefore be able to function adequately.  God is prepared to help us in any way we could possibly yearn for.  God- as we learn from the Course’s iteration- is capable and is happy to be capable to look after us in all the areas of challenge.  We have God, this helper who gives us all the support we need to then be able to play our parts as well. We do this not only adequately, but in fact with the abundance and the perfection of God’s energy.

Therefore, we never have to worry in any way that we can’t come through on something because God has already thought of that long before we became aware of it.  And God fixes whatever problem at the same time God has been aware of the problem.  God actually never sees the problem, only the solution.  Therefore, God instantly supplies us with the illusion of resolution when we get to the place of perceiving a problem.  God heals everything; we just have to get out of the way and allow this healing to occur.  It is instantaneous but sometimes it takes us some time to see it in time.

Jesus says in the Course that no one is special.  Our egos often treat everyone differently because our egos can’t believe that everyone is equal.  Our worldly standards seem to make some people more important than others.  We often believe we love for example our children more than the mailman.  We have come to qualify certain people to be more lovable in our view than others.  We love everyone essentially on a hierarchy.  Some people our egos tell us are more worthy of certain kinds of love because they seem to have more credentials in the world or are deemed more worthy.  In the Course Jesus says everyone is equally worthy.

The Course teaches us how to surrender our ideas of specialness in our ego perspective.  We learn in the Course that everyone deserves the same kind of love no matter what their job or status is.  No one deserves special treatment for being more worthy because it is not true.  We all have individual roles to play in the world.  We have our uniqueness which we are invited to celebrate.  We can appreciate the ways and things that each individual person can do.  It is all individual to that person.

We can simply remember that regardless of the variety of gifts one brings in the world, we all are equally lovable in the world amongst our brothers and sisters there and in God’s eyes according to the Course.  We are just learning how to sit in the gratitude for the ways each person shines in his or her life.  Enjoy and thank this person and God for the gifts they bring.  Just be clear in our own minds that we all have equal amounts of greatness about us, no matter how someone’s worldly status stands.  People all have this incredible role to play in making the happy dream happy so we can love the amazing gifts that people bring.  Just recognize that everyone is equally gifted no matter what their gifts look like.


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