Laurie’s Positive Points: Be the Star of our own show…

Laurie’s Positive Points: “Be the star of our own show.” 

It turns out that we are responsible for the world we see. 

We actually project out into the world our thinking, and it manifests physically before us.  That means every last detail of our attitudes and our thinking… 

This is disturbing if we allow the responsibility of it to weigh heavily upon us! 

The intensity of this level of powerful responsibility for making the world sucks if we allow it to, because it can feel like such a burden, and way too much to change the insanity of the world all by our lonesome selves.

Just give ourselves permission to feel this when it comes up, and then let it go.    It can feel hard to manage when we allow ourselves to go to the lengths and feel what we feel. 

Just allow it to be so, until we are clear it is enough, and then move onto the next thing.  We want to honor the feelings we have, so feel them, and allow them to be loud or persistent if they are. 

We respect them and be kind to them because they are part of us.  We do this then- gently and kindly- and let them go so that we can move onto another exciting adventure.

Remember that the feelings we feel deserve to have voice in our minds.  We are asked to listen when they need a clear voice. 

But remember that everything we do, we can- and absolutely want- to add the DELIGHTFUL FACTOR to everything.  

Whatever of God’s purposes we may encounter for ourselves, we may see and hear a prompt to feel what we feel, and then we feel a prompt to let go of what needs letting go.  It may be a whole host of options in our minds, so don’t be surprised or dismayed. 

Simply show up and be present for whatever process we have.   Give everything permission to be expressed from within our hearts and minds, and then invite these old outdated parts of us to vacate our memory banks.

This is fine and good if we are allowing all to occur that feels appropriate to occur, but we want to not miss a moment of really starring in our shows. 

We want to be the best person we can be for ourselves and for God.  We want to be our higher Self that we share with God, and all of humankind. 

That is exciting, and keeps us smiling in itself, but sometimes we forget to really enjoy ourselves, and be truly excited about the prospects of what is coming in our day to day lives. 

We want to be, and remember to be the people who carry conscious awareness within us that we are totally lovable and forever innocent. 

This, then changes everything.  When we feel lovable, then we act lovable, our lives became expressions of God’s forgiveness and miracles.

Our attitudes change, even without conscious awareness of this, if we simply experience ourselves as lovable. 

Remembering we are totally lovable is what makes us our own star in our own story of Love.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licenced acupuncture


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