Miracles Lesson 273

Lesson 273: “What is the Christ?” The stillness and peace of God is mine.”

  “What is the Christ,” says, “The Holy Spirit reaches from the Christ in you to all your dreams and bids them come to Him to be translated into Truth.”  

The Course says that all of our lives in the world are a dream. They do not exist at all.

Sometimes learning to believe the world and our bodies are a dream takes an incredible effort to get to the end and change our perception.

The world is brutal to believe it is unreal. Because they are fictional, they have zero capacity to bother or affect us in any way.

We must get to the place of knowing they have no power to influence us so that this will become true and the world and our bodies will remain powerless and not cause us even a bit of chagrin.

The Course explains that everything in the world and our bodies are dreams and illusions. It isn’t easy to believe this, but the Course says it is true. We must remember to allow this perception of the Course to be valid.

The Course iterates that the Holy Spirit Is the portion of God Who is always available to interact with us and resolve our problems with ease and willingness.

He rectifies even what we perceive are big problems. The Holy Spirit listens to us always so we can trust that the Holy Spirit is of God; they are all one Power, so we can understand the Holy Spirit can be part of God.

Therefore, we can trust that the Holy Spirit is always game to fix our problems because God is always capable of resolving our problems. After all, God is Supreme and perfect; he has all the capacity we all need at His fingertips to resolve all of our problems. 

 We bring our problems to the Holy Spirit, and He transforms them. They disappear because God wants the best case possible scenario for us. After all, God Loves us so much. Therefore, our problems disappear when we give them to the Holy Spirit because God Loves us so much. God is wholly committed to us because He is our Father and Loves us infinitely.

 All Love,


 Laurie Prezbindowski

 Licensed Acupuncture


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