ACIM Lesson 186

Lesson 186: “The salvation of the world depends on me.”

The world may think this is a statement of arrogance or at least such responsibility that it feels like a terrible obligation.

The salvation of the world is a major task to say the least.

The world gives us every reason to run and hide when we hear someone is going to assign us the task of saving the world!!

Who on the earth would volunteer for this job? Only the insane- for sure. 

We have to appreciate that this a huge duty.

But the reason we can do it adequately and perfectly effectively is because God gives us all the mental aptitude we need to take on the mission. 

God gives us the stamina and reserves to get the place where we can feel relaxed and comfortable about saving the world because God is doing absolutely all the work.  All we have to do is show up and participate in God’s energy.  We can be even baffled over how to subsist in God’s energy.  Then, if we can’t figure that out, we can turn to God for direction about how to shift our energy.  The Course says that we don’t have to suffer about this role.  It is easy and straightforward with God in our corner.

This is why our feeling of being strained by assuming this task is an experience we can just let wash away from our minds.  We don’t have to feel the weight of this.

We are encouraged to shrug it off because we in no way can fail because we have God.  The Course teaches us to appreciate that this is a responsibility to make sure we show up in whatever way God wants us to.

We must be willing to take this responsibility for what we are meant to do according to God’s plan in the agenda of saving the world. 

We must be sure God gives us the go ahead and not let ourselves be blinded by any excessive arrogance.  The ego likes to puff itself up in some notion of grandiosity.

The ego likes to be bigger than it is so it puts on airs that its role is different than it is.

The Course teaches us not to lose our way in grandiosity but sink into our grandeur which is of God. 

Then we can sit and enjoy this role of saving the world.

When we sink into God’s certainty we realize that this saving the world is not too big a task when all we have to do is claim our identity as God’s heirs. 

We must understand this is easy when we get the hang of it and sharing this energy with people is the only substantial way to save the world and all our brothers and sisters.  We learn to feel a quiet sense of responsibility.  Since God is doing all the work, we don’t have to feel any affliction in our playing our part in this role.

The Course reminds us that we are “healthy, perfectly healed and whole, free to forgive and free to save the world.”

The Course is totally clear that our responsibility of saving the world is actually coming from a place of our privilege. 

God gives us this role with a big smile because it turns out to be a task that is easy and fun and totally in the realm of our wherewithal.

This feeling of being free to save the world comes from the result of our minds being light. 

When we engage in this lightness within then we get to a place where saving the world in whatever way we feel called is totally fun.

Thus, while we save the world, we are laughing and playing and being totally light because God wants this for us and it is part of our deal with God. 

He gives us the task with a warm heart and we play all the way to the resolution of each aspect that we do.


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