ACIM Lesson 320

Lesson 320: “What is the Last Judgement?”  “My Father gives all power unto me.”

This lesson says, “There are no limits on his strength, his peace, his joy, nor any of the attributes his Father gave in his creation.”

The amazing thing is that God has an infinitely abundant supply of whatever He wants because He is perfect, and therefore, completely competent to follow through with whatever He offers us.

Therefore, we can trust totally that God will bring us infinitely abundant supplies of all that God offers because, God, of all Entities, is trustworthy. 

We can count on God to be whatever He claims to be. 

This means that God is giving us an infinite supply of all good things, and this is a guaranteed supply of all that makes us feel alive and light and happy since this mirrors God’s energy. 

Thus, we can trust God to give us this amazing, abundant supply of the things that we want most.

God offers what God offers- all that is aligned with God. and that means we get an infinite supply of things like strength, peace, and joy, and the wonderful things that God gave to each and everyone of us.

This means that we get the power of being strong and easygoing and light and skating above the battleground because we feel quite light in our lives. 

This kind of emotional fortitude that God gives us is the way for us to be truly happy.  

We often have the illusion that money or tangible gifts or some physical thing will bring us joy.

But we are reminded here that this tangible stuff may seem totally enticing, but God is giving us something that will always carry us over any hard stuff, and through the battleground, with sailing hearts. 

The way out of the nightmare is to shift our perception and to be willing to choose peace and embody love and forgiveness. 

Having our certainty intact and constant is the way to heal ourselves and heal the world.  Our certainty is just the knowing we are lovable. 

This emotional stuff that God is giving us in infinite supply is what gives us ultimately a truly happy life because when we see the world as part of the happy dream.

We remember that all is well, and then, we are able to shift everything and love it all.  We can feel gratitude even amongst our own hardship. 

This is the most amazing life.

And it is a successful life because we are making the most of what God has given us.

God gives us the emotional and spiritual support we need, and then, the world’s practical stuff becomes easy because we can handle the ruffles of life with that deep sense of trusting God.  

And all the emotional and spiritual things that God gives us are unlimited. 

That means we can go crazy in applying this spiritual power all the time in our lives because it is always in a state of plenty. 

There is no shortage so we don’t have to hesitate to use more of it as we go.

This means that our lives are going to continue to get better each and every time we apply the principles that God offers us here and in our hearts.  

It is such a great deal, we totally want to write home about it!!


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