ACIM Lesson 124

Lesson 124: “Let me remember that I am one with God.”

This lesson says, “No meaningless anxieties can come between our faith and our awareness of His Presence.” 

We permit regularly those inner anxieties to expand exponentially. 

The anxieties generally go undetected because we say- they are just a little problem we have…  

The Course gives that gentle incentive- let nothing escape! 

Make sure we are there waiting patiently for those moments of anxiety and catch them- mid flow. 

Tell the attack thoughts-   we mean business!!  

Then, they never reach the destination of insertion into our minds. 

Never let any attack morsel pass through our minds, and anxiety is most certainly the most consistent challenge we generally find within. 

The Course asks us to just not let the attack energy be persistent, stand up and be firm in the process.  

Tell the attack thoughts to please leave, and insist they do so, with kindness. 

We are reminded not to make war with the attack thoughts. 

A regular enormous ego mishap is that the ego jumps to the conclusion that those attack feelings are harming us, and consequentially, the ego jumps right up and screams right back at the attack energy. 

This, then, perpetuates that old cycle of violence within us. 

Just know this happens regularly and catch it when it happens. 

We have no reason to suffer guilt or shame or any consequence of any attack energy going through us because God says we are sinless eternally. 

Nothing can sway us otherwise or diminish us in any way. 

Nothing can impact our innocence. 

This is our guarantee from God and we can trust this implicitly.  Therefore, we just need to accept it for what it is.

We are reminded in this lesson to sit for an extended period of time, like a half an hour, and just be present with God. 

This is a sure sign of our evolution that the Course invites us to use fewer words, and just get more deeply into the true groove of being with God. 

When we are with God this way, it is the most effective and happiest way we can be alive and be in the moment. 

When we meet God in the moment, then, all of our stories and ideas about the present and future and past all vanish. 

God is asking us to be suggestible, and thus, open to God’s interpretation.

This mindset is the advantage to consciously sitting with God.

We are invited to be one open to the unknown fearlessly, which is the perfection of God’s Will in action. 

When we remember to accept things as they are, then, we stop being at odds with everyone and everything. 

The Course gives us that single important thing tor remember, to stay awake with God in the Present that God provides us with. 

When we do that, our past attachment to the suffering in the present, past, and future all disappear because then we give God permission to plan for us. 

When we give God permission to plan, then, we stop having grievances with everything because we are open to God’s Will instead of forcing things to be a certain way.


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