Laurie’s Positive Points: Living the Miraculous Middle Way

Laurie’s Positive Points

Living the miraculous middle way

We are inclined to frequent the extreme of extremes. 

Extremes bulldoze us off balance. 

The world pushes persistently, we get coerced almost to do things it seems.

We discover in our inner worlds that craving constantly- the ego’s slant, and it always comes from lack, concealed as a fully-loaded rush to get more. 

More becomes our God and our idols. 

Our urges are striking and immobilize us. 

The biggest dilemma is when often we can not find anything in between. 

The reality is that this push for extremes always comes based in our needy feelings.

The middle way is where we have some balance, and where we are practiced in feeling good in the middle. 

Then, later this learned practice takes on a life of its own and becomes permanent. 

Also, after some practice, we start to enjoy the middle. 

If we don’t get good at loving the middle, then we will not be able to maintain the middle ground because we resist it in some respects.  

Then, eventually, we start to feel empowered to make choices to benefit our lives in whatever ways strike us as good. 

When we choose the middle way, it is because we feel empowered to just take steps away from those extremes.

  Then after we hang out there a while, we get more used to it and its starts to feel good. 

Once we begin to associate the middle ground with something we love, then it becomes far easier to draw out in a long term way.

The world always gives us infinite reasons not to trust that we can get ourselves to a more balanced place, since we feel so drawn to making certain decisions. We have this push that seems conclusive.

Fortunately, we have God’s perfect Will and strength in the form of our certainty to buoy us and allow us to float over it all. 

Our certainty from God reminds us that we are worthy of making fresh, new choices, with whatever that idol is that tempts us to stray from our Godly ways and engage with the extremes. 

It has zero power over us. 

When we are on our knees because we can’t stop doing whatever obsessive behavior is affecting us deeply, remember, we have the capacity of willingness to get to serenity as soon as we see it.  

We just need to listen to the magical voice of our Creator and have faith that this is the stepping stone we need to get to that sacred middle place. 

The reason that the middle way is miraculous is because the middle way allows us to get right back to God’s wisdom, and remember that we have the power to heal the situation with that tiny little speck of willingness required. 

We need nothing more than willingness.  The miracle is the willingness.

Who has the authority to heal us? 

We do- because God is with us and within us, and is our Source upon which to draw. 

We just need to allow this miracle of our choosing the middle way to be true.  The middle way is that place where God is real in our minds. 

When we allow ourselves to channel God, then we become infinitely more strong and potent. 

And when we are practiced in meeting successfully with the middle way, then we can allow that inner urge to be obsessive to just simmer down, with simply our inner right to make the miracle a reality immediately. 

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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