ACIM Lesson 117

Lesson 117: Review: “God, being Love, is also happiness.”  “I seek but what belongs to me in truth.”

It turns out that we have every little last bit of joy and peace that we want and need. 

The Course provides us with that extra bit of real knowledge that we often have almost never heard because it is explicitly a bombshell to the world’s conception. 

All we need to do is feel it and know it, and then, we realize it is already ours. 

The whole premise of the ego’s considerations give us a most incorrect illusion.  It turns out, there is nothing for us to have to do. 

We just need to show up and trust that everything is done already. 

God wants for us to relax…  And giggle, until we blush pink, because we feel so good. 

God asks us to step up and make every effort to just be present. 

We don’t have to do anything else, like seek fruitlessly, which is the ego’s tired old mantra. 

God is saying, “Check this out.”  

Our right to salvation is a done deal, and God declares us worthy and lovable for all time, as this is the sheer Will of God.  

Therefore, we just need to sit and relax, and take this in. 

The ego is so used to fiercely running our minds in circles, where we never rest and never pause to question, or to assert any will that the ego is not most fond of. 

This is always giving us grief. 

We have this age old question and age old problem where we just don’t know how to do anything else but to perpetuate the nightmare ad nauseam.  

God gives us this one single gift.  We just need to love and be happy.

Guarantee- this is the one thing we all have always wanted to do, and we have always skirted the one possibility for this being true, because we don’t believe we are worthy of being happy. 

We just get hammered down non-stop by the ego’s insanity. 

Consequently, we lose touch that God sense within us that reminds us always that all is well, especially within us specifically.  

Then there is nothing else to do but have a blast.  We can have all the surprises in life be surprise-parties, where we just bask in the brightness of awesome feelings we have while we are on the earth.  

We just need to remember that because God declares this reality for us, all we have to do is claim it. 

We just need to walk into it, and allow ourselves to sit there in the lavishness of how awesome it is. 

We give the inner ok that we want to join the party since we are always invited. 

Then we can remember to simply breathe it, own it, and let this in.


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