Lesson 136 Laurie’s Reflections

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Lesson 136: “Sickness is a defense against the truth.”

This lesson says, “No one can heal unless he understands what purpose sickness seems to serve.  For then he understands as well that its purpose has no meaning.”  When we believe sickness is real we give it reality.  That affirmation of its existence then makes us give it meaning and therefore a life as well.  What God wants us to do is negate sickness in our mind and then we understand that it can have no reality in God’s world- it is not in the realm of the perfect.

Therefore, what we need to do is let go of our insistence that sickness has a cause and reason for existing.  When we do this then we make it a part of our reality.  This lesson teaches brilliantly- it totally undoes our engagement to living in sickness.  It says that when we know sickness has no existence in God’s world then it can simply cease to exist at all.  When we understand deeply that sickness has no purpose then we stop trying to give it reality in the world.

Then our minds and hearts go into a place of opening and holding space for the possibility we were wrong about sickness being real.  When we allow our minds to see that sickness has no purpose then we release our attachment to believing in it as a truth.   Then we can surely heal because we stop making sickness part of our reality.

We can exist in perfect and whole healed energy in our true Godly mind.  And, in this we will instantly heal.  When the only energy in our field is the certainty that our minds and everything within range of our minds are actually perfect, there is no way we can’t heal fully.  This is when we release this false belief in sickness.

The key is that we let ourselves know fully that we are God’s truth.  Our essence is of perfect, holy energy.  Thus, there is no way that this energy can be threatened, mutilated or endangered in any way.  It is perfect as it is.  When we realize what is the true nature of our minds, we can simply end all perception that leads us to the false existence of sickness.  It can’t exist when we live in God’s happy dream.

This is why Jesus uses these words, that sickness is a defense against the truth.  The reality is that nothing can possibly in any way bend or nick or interfere or change or undo the truth in any way.  This is our assurance from God- our certainty- that we are perfectly lovable always and that we are entitled to miracles of every sort from one end of our lives all the way through the rest of our lives.

God stops at nothing to give us every advantage of peace and utter joy and grateful hearts.  And we can have the very best of the happy dream with God because nothing can impact negatively all the abundance we are entitled to here.  Sickness would appear to be a belief that something went wrong in God’s perfect plan of our salvation.  Since Jesus tell us in the Course this can never happen, we simply need to correct any error we made in our perception and rather just bask in our certainty that all is always well.


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