ACIM Lesson 20

Lesson 20: “I am determined to see.”

Determination is such a great word to use to describe when we feel this unstoppable willingness to take care of God’s business, and therefore, what also amounts to our business. 

When we are determined, we are ready to heal.

We are making a statement, and getting into a readiness within us to begin and to accelerate and to succeed because we have that inner gentle push that propels us forward in whatever we feel determined about. 

Our determination is that prodding that moves us to the next place because we are no longer resisting the path that we seek.

Our determination gives us purpose, and allows us to feel the incredible power within we have that is the initiation and the momentum to get us to the next step.  

Telling us that we are determined to see is a fabulous chant and mantra that we can have throughout our day.

It helps us remember that we just need to make the little effort to see, and this is a small thing.

We don’t have to struggle with the weightiness of it.

We can sit and feel light about it, and just appreciate how easy it is with God’s help. 

There’s nothing we have to do except just give God permission to light our way in the focus of our peace and serenity.

The Course is reminding us to change our thinking because our thinking is the sole cause of our suffering.

All of our distress comes from our judgement of the world.

We  have the amazing news now that we have the capacity to change it- which means our suffering ends with our simple choice to see things lightly in God’s Will and energy. 

But in the mean time we just need to take the first step in opening our minds and hearts to something else.

The only problem is if we accept the status quo of the ego’s insanity, and never lift a finger to change our perception of it. 

There is no problem unless we refuse to see the problem as it is.

All we need to do is accept that we may want for things to be different. 

If we don’t question the ego’s insanity, then, we end up with the same result of suffering over it.

We need to get to the place where we realize how much we are pained, and then, just have the slightest inkling that we would rather not be suffering. 

This is all we need to just open the door to something else in our thinking.

We just need to allow for that 10% in our minds that is blank apace- that then, we can add in God’s reality later, once we have simply identified that we want something different.


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