ACIM Lesson 19

Lesson 19: “I am not alone in experiencing the effects of my thoughts.”

We are asked to do our parts.  We all have our own unique way of contributing to the world. 

We always have God showing us what to do.

We just need to be willing to listen to our own self-inner-voice we have that tells us specifically what is meant for us to do specifically. 

We get to listen to the Holy Spirit speak right to us.  The Holy Spirit is that name we use to refer to the God who listens to us intently and helps us with whatever thing we need help with.

We listen to the Holy Spirit and we notice prompts in the environment along the way if that is what works best for us.  

We just need to be willing to listen and have an honest, heart to heart talk with the Holy Spirit, and be willing to listen within, and make sure we are honoring that part of us that needs to be heard.

We are asked to listen and be in conversation all the time with the Holy Spirit since this is our direct route to God.  We just need to not try to bury within us whatever is up for us. 

We need to listen to that inner voice that tells us what is relevant and what we must care about.

We just need to be willing to listen to that voice within that is our way of getting to the bottom of what is really up for us.

God is not in any way asking us to do something way too difficult for ourselves.  

We are not asked to do more than we can.

We just need to take small steps. 

We just need to have the slightest little willingness to do something, and just anything on some days. 

Maybe we get stuck and we lose our alignment with God sometimes.  This is ok.  We just need to get up and try again.  We can make a million mistakes, more if we want.

God has no timeline.

The time space continuum is not of God, it is of the ego. 

And so, when it comes to God, God is in no way stressed about time, because time means nothing to Him. 

God is happy to wait as long as we need to do our thing when we get to it.

God is happy to be patient and give us permission to do the coming home to God in whatever timeline suits us.  God has no agenda other than to Be in the state of Perfect Knowledge while loving us eternally and unconditionally.


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