ACIM Lesson 338

Lesson 338: “What is the ego?”  “I am affected only by my thoughts.”

We are learning to co-create our lives.

We have the power to make living fun and pleasant or a total nightmare. 

We all earned the right to experience empowerment in our ability to choose our thinking. 

It may seem like such a daunting job, we may feel mortified at the thought of the massive pursuit of being solely responsible for selecting our thoughts. 

But the reality is that when we allow it to be done hand in hand with God, it no longer looks alarming and overwhelming.

It turns out that it gets to be a game we play with our best friend, God, when we are learning how to assume responsibility of choosing our thinking.  

It then becomes our favorite task because we are doing it with God, Who has all the power in the Universe to nudge us along in those moments we get frozen.

The great news is that we are blessed that we have responsibility for choosing our thinking.  Usually when our egos have their ways, we end up with realities we don’t want because we are listening to this insane voice in our minds.  The Course reminds us that we have the capacity to change our thinking and this changes our realities as we change our thinking.

This is the way to our peace when we let the heavy sense of responsibility be turned into a wonderful, cherished event we do every day. 

We are learning how to love this job we have of choosing our thinking.

We are invited to approach this task with incredible curiosity and enthusiasm because this is the way to be happy. 

When we feel drudgery about choosing our thinking, inevitably one or more parts of us is dark and dense still because our energy is harsh.

Thus, the Course reminds us that we need to consciously bring a light energy to choosing our thinking. 

Just remember to breathe more and go slow and feel our bodies in a light mode while we consciously bring lightness to our thinking.

And ask the Holy Spirit how to give us lightness as well so we stay open to learning more about how to do this adequately.  The Holy Spirit always has appropriate answers to those realms where we get jammed.


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