Lesson 320 Laurie’s Reflections

Monday, November 16, 2015

Lesson 320: “What is the Last Judgement?”  “My Father gives all power unto me.”

This lesson reminds us that we are in fact truly powerful.  Religious figures have often taught the  story of our salvation in the afterlife.  Some religions say we have to wait for peace, perfection and salvation.  Nothing happens now.  Now is when we are practicing so we can try to earn our way to salvation.  Often religions say that we are not empowered until we die and if we are lucky enough to be reborn in a higher vibration then we can at last lead a life that will result then- always later- but not now.

This is such a disempowered way to feel and live now.  This is a real tragedy when we believe this.  When we are all waiting around until the afterlife, then we do nothing now because it seems so far away and an unsure promise.  Thus, we don’t make effort to make peace and amends with God- with our minds that are always attacking God some way- now.  When we have this underlying belief system about Who God is and what God expects us to manage to do in this life, then we feel disempowered.  This means then that we spend our whole lifetime feeling miserable, unwanted, and incapable and distressed because we can’t seem to earn our way into a better life now.

When we always have to wait until later, this feels terrible.  When our focus is on the future, this is tragic indeed because the future never comes.  When we believe we are justified in living solely for what may come in a time that never comes because the future in fact does not exist, then we will spend this whole lifetime feeling depressed.  Also we feel resentful that we may never reach salvation because the religious folks say that it is only in the distant future and the projected result is a maybe at best.  This is a tragic way for us to live.  When we are not centered in the present then we act for a purpose that we think we never get to.  This causes us to live an uninspired life because we are just biding our time and getting by until a better now.  Then we totally miss the now because it always gets tossed away when we focus our minds only in the future.
The reason Jesus is teaching us here to be in the present is because we can be empowered when we don’t submerge our minds in unreal future event.  When we are in the present and we are not trying to push out some certain reality in an unknown future, then we can spend our time and energy in the present.  When we have nothing to consider but what is now, then we are empowered in the moment.  When we live in God’s perfect energy and essence then we feel like we can and are happy to live life in the splendor of non-attachment and equanimity.

Then when we are not obsessed with attack thoughts because we are staying focused on letting go of any lingering amount of suffering, then we can be truly empowered in the moment.  When we are empowered it is because we have accepted God’s true identity as our own and also accepted that we are totally loved and lovable.  When we are comfortable in this certainty of mind then we can truly bring our empowered selves to all of life.  When we don’t make the present different than it is, then our minds are free and also filled with energy to engage in our own sense of empowerment within us and without in the world.  That energy is freed up from our liberated and powerful mind.


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