Lesson 90 Laurie’s Reflections

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Lesson 90: Review: “Let me recognize the problem so it can be solved.” “Let me recognize my problems have been solved.”
These lessons lead me to contemplate humility in surrendering problems.  When we get in touch with what our problems are, this is the first step.  Then, we have the opportunity to allow them to be completely rid from our minds because Jesus tells us here that whatever ailed us previously is wholly undone.

I think of this as putting ourselves into a completely humble mentality.  It is our egos that hold on so desperately and tightly to the idea that we (the ego) can solve our own problems and that only our ego can achieve this act.  An inappropriate and unhealthy confidence the ego uses.  It insists it is entirely in the know about how and what to resolve to make peace for us. The ego is completely saying that it is the only means to solve whatever problem we have.

This is why we have to learn God’s approach and realize that only God is the ultimate helper.  Then with this awareness, our ego can stop very loudly trying to convince us that it is embodying some amazing way to fix us.   The inappropriate confidence that the ego has, I think of as the ego’s attachment to suffering.  The ego simply stops at nothing to give us the notion that it contains the means to erase our woes.  Then we suffer because the ego is attached to pain and brings us with it through immense suffering.

This is why we need to not believe the ego’s rant and arrogance about having the answers.  We simply need to have the willingness to have this erased from our minds rather than God’s beloved solutions to our problems.  This is why this coupling of lessons today is especially helpful as it helps drive home the awareness that we need to see our problems differently than we have with the ego.  We simply need to raise awareness of what is the trouble in our minds.  Bring the aches to the forefront in our minds and simply sit with them as long as feels helpful in the process of recognition.

Then the second step is to see that the problems have already been solved.  What is beautiful about this is that we simply stop worrying about the problem.  When the ego assigns itself of the role of the fixer of problems, then we worry about how and if they will get a sense of resolution.  And we get attached to the outcome of the ego’ s insistence that it is right.  This inevitably leads to our suffering all along the way when the ego is in charge because the ego is operating with a heavy dose of arrogance and attachment to seeing itself as right.

Or when it feels right we can also make this first and second step simultaneously.  When we are discovering and feeling forgiving and peaceful in response to the problems we are noticing within then we can also at the same time have the open and free feeling of letting God be the sole provider of resolution.  Sometimes doing them together helps us get a deeper sense of resolution.  We just need to allow whatever to occur within be perfect as it is while we notice what is the most helpful way to approach the problem.


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