ACIM Lesson 173

Lesson 173: Review: “God is but Love and therefore so am I.”  “I will step back and let Him lead the way.”  “I walk with God in perfect holiness.”

The ego is pushy and at times even a bully if the ego doesn’t get exactly what it wants. 

Appreciate that this is bound to happen because the ego likes to keep control and loves the battle.

Therefore, the ego tires over nothing when it comes to maintaining the ego’s tight leash over our minds. 

We just need to realize  this happens because this is the nature of the ego and forgive it as we go.

The Course reminds us that we have another option.

We can at any time, choose God instead.

This would mean when we choose God, then, we get to feel all the amazing certainty of God and feel peace and joy that we are lovable and gifted with the greatest abundance of the world. 

We are gifted with a plentiful attitude and energy because it comes square with the deal.  We just have to be willing to choose God.

We have this extraordinary role. 

We get to be the ones who choose how our lives will be.

That means we are responsible for the nature of what happens in our lives in terms of the energy that we manifest out from our minds becoming form. 

We also are also responsible for how we get to approach everything we see.  We can enjoy life when we are willing to choose God.

But the vital thing is that we have to do it.  This is the only important thing that we must do.  

Or we can ask the Holy Spirit to help us in this process and teach us how to surrender our attachment to the ego’s will.

This is actually a huge deal because it is the absolute determiner of the state of our lives and that means we get to play this essential role in making life how we actually want it. 

This is a huge deal and we can get excited about it because it means we have the power to make our lives how we want them to be.

This is all that matters in the grand scheme of things.  Just remember to do this one thing. 

And if we forget or get lost, we have our back up plan totally in place. 

The Holy Spirit adores helping us.  It makes HIs day and so we can just turn to Him at each juncture and discuss how to move ahead.

He loves to love us.

It is lovely that we get to choose whether we want God or the ego.  We have the choice.

The good news is that God will absolutely step in when we make the intention of choosing God. 

But within that, our part is that we need to surrender that aspect of the ego’s rigid control.  

God, of course, is capable of helping us because God is supremely powerful.

But God doesn’t want to be pushy like the ego and force His Will upon us. 

God gives us this part of our minds where we get to develop our own decision making because then we become more whole people.

God wants us to simply be clear that we want to choose God.

Then, our minds are more open to that desired serenity that totally speeds along this transition from the ego’s control to getting tuned into God’s guiding.  

This just helps us further ourselves along the way that we want to go.


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