ACIM Lesson 174

Lesson 174: Review: “God is but Love and therefore so am I.”  Into His Presence would I enter now.”  “Today I learn to give as I receive.”

This introduction before the lesson says, “My resurrection comes again each time I lead a brother safely to the place at which the journey ends and is forgot.”

The Course says that Jesus is like our elder brother who has greater experience in the process of remembering Who He is and therefore, has something to teach us by example.

The Course says Jesus is meant to be our teacher and that is why He came down into human form so that he can completely understand what we as humans experience in our dilemmas.

Jesus knows from experience, and therefore, can empathize with us and also direct us how to behave in the world from a Godly perspective because He is well practiced. 

Jesus is understood to play this vital role in being example for us so that we can emulate the way He carries God’s energy and Will with Him within the human dilemmas.  This is a great reason why Jesus had such a terrible experience in the body during His crucifixion. That’s why He truly knows suffering of the body and so can identify with the challenges we all have as well.

The Course talks about Jesus’s resurrection each time that Jesus leads by HIs example to help usher one or more of us to get home to God and our salvation in the simple realization that we are already there.  

Jesus cares about the salvation of our minds as God does.

The body means nothing to them because it is not real. 

And so, when Jesus is talking about people’s journey’s end, He is talking about individual’s minds continuing in union with God whether we carry our bodies with us in our lives or we die and shed our body. 

We are concerned about our minds because it is the only thing we have power over. 

The body and the world are not real and all fall away and deteriorate in some degree of time.  Therefore, our remembering to focus on what our minds are doing is the only way to find satisfaction and peace and joy.

Because, when we do, and we give our minds to God, then our salvation is a done deal.

The Course’s message is beautiful because Jesus is talking about leading by example to safely deliver another brother to unite with the Will of God.

He is saying that we can rest in faith that the person being delivered to God is totally in the safety of a private beach house in the process.

We are totally sheltered from anything, and we can just go out and play as soon as God gets home and we go frolic on the beach.  

It is beautiful that we get to be safe in this process.

Knowing we have God to give us all the assurance that we will be entirely cared for allows us to relax and enjoy the process. 

And then, when the journey of our lives end and we have come safely to the beach house to wait for our play date with God, then, we may seemingly have all of that regret and guilt and distress over whatever may or may not have happened in the course of our lives.  

Then, all of that lingering drama we still carry with us in the energetic chaos that sometimes goes unchecked within us, suddenly all gets washed away in the deep and cleansing ocean when we get to hang out and wait for God.

We learn in the Course that all that little but persistent bit of baggage we may carry with us in the end suddenly gets totally washed away because God wants it that way.

The Course reminds us that this memory of that drama for us melts away with no resistance. 

We get a totally clean slate in our minds because that stuff gets transformed at God’s altar.

And it gets forgotten of all things because it was so inconsequential.


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