ACIM Lesson 170

Lesson 170: “There is no cruelty in God and none in me.”

I grew up in and felt totally influenced by Western culture where it was reinforced that God is forever pointing His finger at me in a scolding tone while He rages and always seems eager to punish me. 

When God is like that then no part of me feels safe.

I want to run and hide because God is supremely powerful and has a seriously bad temper the folks say in town.

That makes me not want to cross paths with God much less join with God eternally.  I wouldn’t want to spend five seconds with God if God is so mean.

This is totally an ego attribute.  The ego is so skilled at projecting its own image out and somehow convincing us this is God.

We just get so confused because the ego is never consistent and so it is hard to figure out what the ego is actually saying half the time. 

The only thing we can count on from the ego is that the ego is always wrong. 

We need to just keep this idea in our minds so that we have a little more insight about what the ego actually does in trying to sway us concerning its ideas.

Remember to hold what the ego says more lightly and not buy into it all, because the ego is inevitably wrong. 

We want to listen to the ego if the ego wants to be heard.

But we must hold our minds above the battleground in energy when we listen. 

Then, the words and ideas the ego spits out, actually can be heard, but we do not get sucked into the undertow of the ego’s vortex of swirling chaos. 

We can remember that the ego just has no idea what is true. 

Just hear it all with that delicate touch of God where we don’t get so barraged with insanity.  We rather delicately walk away with the certainty that God loves us, and is always there to support us and teach us to be more like God.

We don’t need to battle with the ego, we just need to walk away and not engage.

We just need to remember that there could be no cruelty in God because God is actually gentle and entirely respectful. 

God is delicate and light. 

Cruelty is very dense and hard.  That is not in God’s energy.

Just understand we just lost sight of the fact that the ego has been trying to fool us into believing that God has attributes of the ego. 

When we stop and think about it- we see this could never be.  We just need to remember to keep straight in our own minds when the ego is dancing around our minds and trying to get us to listen to this untruth.

We can fall back in the knowing and resting in God’s perfect love which has no opposite. 

Cruelty is most certainly opposite.  This is why we are totally guaranteed that this is not true.

Because it is contrary to God.  God by nature, can’t be contrary.

Happy logic for us!!


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