ACIM Lesson 162

Lesson 162: “I am as God created me.”

The Course is teaching us how to have a relationship with ourselves.  

The ego is entirely false.  Therefore, the ego’s perception of how we are is totally false.

This then blocks our awareness of how we are in truth.  

God deems us perfectly lovable all the time.

We are innocent as can be.  There are no degrees in holy.  

It simply is, in the most complete way.  We are totally perfect because God says so and therefore we have no reason to feel guilt or any sense of shame or disappointment about ourselves.  This is an error the ego makes that is totally the wrong perspective.

The Course shows us how this happens and simply points out our error with no judgment, no distress nor drama.  

It is simply a mistake and needs correction.

We are learning to change our minds about ourselves.  The only problem we see in the world is all a reflection of what is going on within our own minds because the world is an out picturing of our thoughts.  That means we are buying into the illusion out there when we believe the ego’s deceptive thinking that tells us we do something that is unredeemable.

There is never a mistake that is anything but temporary and easily solved with a God-perspective.  

This is why the Course teaches us over and over to mind what we think.  The only way to solve our problems in the world is simply to take responsibility for our part.  The ego loves to leave us out of the equation.

No matter what appears to happen in the world, we must only pay attention to how we play our part in the dynamic of what we see.  We always contribute in  our own way even if it is not that noticeable to us in a grand way.  We must sit and pay attention.  Give time and attention to allowing this awareness to come over us.

When we allow God to help us notice and heal our own baggage that we contribute to dynamics we see with others, then this is all an opportunity for all to heal. 

Our minds can bring the miracle when we think there is a problem out there.  We can elevate the situation by bringing God energy as a miracle into those situations that seem like they are not love.

Learning how to have a relationship with ourselves teaches us how to be present and helpful to ourselves.  The ego’s is a false vision and when we get preoccupied with what it says and does then we lose touch with what is actually true about ourselves.

Then we lose touch with who we are and how we feel because we become obsessed with perpetuating the ego’s illusion.  

The Course cares about only one thing- that we learn simply the information and experience that we are all equally loved and we are God’s children and heirs.  That is all we need to make the happy dream in the world.

This energy is the basis of our certainty which is the foundation of our own peace.  

The Course wants us to then allow this clarity of mind- lack of clutter since the ego has cleared out- to be the place we see instead what is true about our personalities and what feeds us in the world.  We want to simply give our minds and personalities space to express themselves so we can be engaged in what makes us who we are in the world.  When we know for sure both that we have God’s gifts and we are committed to living in His purpose, then it is easy after that.  We can then explore what gives us excitement in the world- a heightened sense of inspiration- so we can approach how we live with a heart of love in all that the world calls us to do.

We then live the happy dream because we have the double pleasure of living in God’s Mind while we also do in the world what calls us there in our unique purposes for the expression of our souls.


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