ACIM Lesson 150

 Lesson 150: Review: “My mind holds only what I think with God.”  “I will accept Atonement for myself.”  “Only salvation can be said to cure.”

This lesson (140) says, “Atonement heals with certainty, and cures all sickness.” 

The problems we have in being in the body come from the fact that we make our bodies the problem. 

We may have a number of health problems and we want to have compassion about all we need to do to heal ourselves while we also remember that the body is a part of the illusion. 

The body has no power that is not given it by the mind. 

The mind is the only thing we can change.

We can’t change the body without also changing the mind as well because the body is totally the out picturing of our thinking.  We just need to remember to not believe that our bodies have the capacity to heal themselves.

Our bodies exist because our minds give them reality.  

Just appreciate the body has a wonderful role in being the expression of who we are but if we get sick, don’t judge our bodies or judge God for giving us a body with challenges. 

Remember it is all part of God’s perfect Universal plan.

All the health problems we may have are simply a perfect way for us to grow in the ways we need. 

It may be really hard to let God off the hook.   It may hard to not feel resentful that God seemingly gave everyone else an easier time than we have.

Just give ourselves space to have the feelings we have and let them be heard. 

Then, return to our forgiveness. 

Give ourselves permission to forgive that part of ourselves that is angry at God for the plan and step back and realize that we take a part in the plan as well, and also need to take responsibility for what is happening in our lives. 

We are living a life that we somewhere down the line asked for to teach us what we need to learn.

Just bless this about ourselves.

We want to accept this about ourselves and just allow the anger to melt away.


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