ACIM Lesson 149

Lesson 149: Review: “My mind holds only what I think with God.”  “When I am healed, I am not healed alone.”  “Heaven is a decision I must make.”

The Course teaches that there is a cosmic energy, there is a group experience evolving in consciousness. 

The Course gives us a new perspective that we are connected even when we are not standing next to each other. 

People can feel each other emotionally and energetically and this is a way we communicate with each other. 

It is just less commonly automatically assumed.  Sometimes people are not aware of how energy affects us and how we all feel the energy around us and within us.

It just means we need to be reeducated some. 

Not a big deal.  Much easier to access this information recently.

And the Course assumes these facts about energy and the sharing of interpersonal consciousness and shared experience.  

Sometimes when doing the lessons or reading the text, we can feel quite detached, because it seems like we do it alone, and we may not get ourselves to groups to share what we are learning in the Course.  Sometimes, doing the work can feel isolating.

It is a huge amount of work for anyone no matter how motivated we might be and we may resist when we feel alone in the process because it may feel lonely. 

And there will be moments when we resist our efforts no matter how enthusiastic we are.

We all have moments of slow momentum and resistance to changing each little bit of our thinking.  

We can feel overwhelmed with the task of learning and may feel a bit disheartened in the process because it may seem like there is so much work to do just to get our own minds to a place of being unencumbered a bit as well as to continue the practice of applying the lessons we want to incorporate into our thinking.  

That alone can feel daunting simply because of the enormity of the task.

However, there will also be times when the process feels so slow because it may seem like no one else around us is changing either or that nobody is with us in the process.

Whether people are actively doing the Course, or just working on their own inner alignment and progressing in their healing of judgement, ideally, that person may actually bring about their own peace of mind. 

These people share our passion for enlightenment and join us in purpose. 

It may feel like big process getting us to incorporate the idea that other people are also going to be healed in our process of healing ourselves. 

First, we just need to understand that everyone is truly connected.

This, then, allows for an understanding that we are never apart energetically from anyone around us.

That means all of us feel each other, no matter how far apart we are. 

This is very freeing for us when we have those moments where we study the Course but we also simultaneously feel isolated and alone.  It can feel hard to believe that we are all together in truth.

Just grow yourself some constant faith through the practice of accepting that what the Course says is true about our connection with each other.  

And sit with that inner knowing that everyone shares in benefit from every bit of mind watching  we do and our growing compassion for ourselves in the process of creating patience about the hard work we are doing. 

Just know that every moment we feel a bit of our own awakening is exactly what everyone else can feel as well since we are joined in energy.

This can give us so much more motivation too that we are not just doing this work for our own purpose, we do it for everyone.

 This means we can feel grateful to ourselves for all the work we are doing on ourselves.


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