Lesson 96 Laurie’s Reflections

Monday, April 6, 2015

Lesson 96: “Salvation comes from my one Self.”

We have more reinforcement today about salvation coming from the Self we share with God.  God is the one Who erases every mistake we ever made.  God knows and informs us that we are innocent all the time even if we forget.  God gives us the blessing of our purpose always being fulfilled because we get to live in and through the salvation God provides for us.

This is the way to heaven, when God simply brings our memory to the true Word of God’s will.  God’s will states that we are always loved and given the keys to the Kingdom of God as we are so loved by God He would never forget us or forsake us.  This is why salvation is always within our soul and core, where it can never be replaced by something that is an error.  Salvation is our right and privilege because God knows that we are utterly worthy no matter what we say or do.

This is why we can get out of the never-ending battle of the hamster wheel where we ride the wheel always but never actually move forward.  This is the never-ending torturous battle and life of our ego.  God just gently reminds us to stop and get out of the wheel.  Then we move with grace and peace in the Hand of God because God loves us so very much.  God would have it no other way.

The great news is that our salvation is sure because it is the Will of God.  The ego can mislead us infinitely but in the end, never wins over God because the Universe does not work that way.  All we have to do is realize all is well in God’s world because of God’s gift of certainty that we are always worthy of the best.

The other piece we want to integrate fully is that we are one with our brothers and sisters and with God.  We are joined in our minds with all we traverse the earth with us.  This is a gift beyond measure.  In this joining we share as God’s precious children.  We seem like we humans are all separate but the Course reminds us that we are not just as appearance would lead us to believe.

Because God and the world are energy in essence, energy is the connection we all share.  This is how we can all be joined and why we are blessed with the opportunity to join with people in mind.  We are endlessly blessed to be able to not only change our own minds but we can change others’s minds as well, because we are all energetically connected.  This is how we can be “one Self.”

This lesson says, “Although you are one Self, you experience yourself as two; as both good and evil, both loving and hating, mind and body.”   The Course says that this split within us is not real.  We can’t be more than one, which is our Godly Self.  This is why we don’t have to be confused about how it feels to live in a state of two seeming opposites.  We are encouraged to let go of these beliefs that split our self concept into two.  We just have to hold securely that God’s one Truth is our only truth and THE only Truth.


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