ACIM Lesson 321

Lesson 321: “What is Creation?”  “Father, my freedom is in You alone.”

This lesson says, “Today we answer for the world, which will be freed along with us.”  

The Course teaches us that our energy is part of how we save the world.

When we feel disheartened about what happens there, simply stop and realize that we can and will change things there if we start with our own minds first. 

The problem is when we think the problem in the world is out there externally.

The Course reminds us that it is the power of our own personal choice and the energy we exude that is what makes the difference in the world’s picture.

Our egos worry because the world seems like nothing we can affect.

The Course reminds us that the world is all energetic form.

Everything starts from energy and then gets manifested out into form according to Universal law. 

It is the way of things so we can take heart that we can make a change by simply changing our thinking.

We can affect the world because God made it so.  We can do so if we change our intention and our alignment with the ego.

This means we can feel light hearted because there is never a problem that can’t be eradicated. 

When we simply stay committed to choosing God’s path instead of the ego’s, then the world and what energy we project out there becomes totally new.

No matter what we come across in the world, it is still subject to change if we stay vigilant about forgiving it for being other than we want. 

We must forgive it for not living up to our standards and we must forgive ourselves for seeing a problem that worries us.

We can do our part in making the world as we want it to be by simply being willing to stay aligned with God’s purpose.  Then the world is freed for sure, when we start with our own minds first. We are asked to see the connection between our energy and feelings with the world’s out picturing.

Then, we continue to energize within this power to create the world because God gives us the OK to make the happy dream- that joyful picture of life that looks good and feels good.



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