Lesson 328 Laurie’s Reflections

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Lesson 328: “What is Creation?”  “I choose second place to gain the first.”

The Course is teaching us how to let go of our worldly perspective.  We can get out of the ego’s need for rank and position in the world.  Our egos always make us feel like our stature is of utmost importance.  The ego keeps pushing and pushing at our back sides to keep us in what the world says is “in line.”  This way we can make ourselves come out on top.  This is the way our egos determine their worth and thus our worth when we listen to them.  We use the ego’s plea to sustain our position in the world to give us some peace.  The ego thinks this is the only way to happiness, to stay on top and trample on everyone else we walk over.  The ego thinks life is about shouting matches and superiority.   Our egos make all attempts to stay in the limelight.  This is the way to establish our value in the world.
This is shocking to our egos when we can’t come out on top.  Our egos maintain that this is the biggest shattering rocket into the steadiness of our mind’s interpretation.  The ego likes to live out its harshness.  It seems to go to any lengths to keep its agenda on top of our minds and in our behavior.  This always contains a shock when we are not.  The ego wants to maintain its power but it makes a point of being self righteous about showing how valued it is.  The ego likes to complain when we are not on top because to the ego this seems like the biggest fault imaginable.
The Course teaches us how to change our minds about how we think.  We learn here that we can get out of that insane desire to achieve the best place.  The Course says we can be happy and joyful and light about being second place or last.  It all makes zero difference when we realize that our peace of mind and certainty and thus our power within comes from identifying as God’s perfect children.  Therefore we can be happy in any position or no position at all if so needed when we find our joy in God and not our ego’s plan to stay on top.

This is the best news we could ever discover.  When we recognize that we can have everlasting happiness when we live in God’s agenda and goal then we can feel perfectly comfortable wherever we find ourselves.  We don’t have to stress to get to some lofty worldly position.  When we sit in the certainty of our perfection we have no need for worldly needs and plans.  We realize that the present is all that we want it to be.  What is so spectacular is that we can do this process with removing our our attachment to our worldly plans in a way that is especially gentle.

We can take the time and attention that it requires to be clear within that this is not where our certainty lies.  What is helpful is to stay in an easy energy when we are letting go of old ideas.  When we allow our minds to be clear from old love for insanity, we can see that a gentle hand is helpful and including a forgiveness for that desire for our pain.  We need to have a firm hand in releasing old ideas but also give ourselves the gift of kindness and gentleness that helps the process of unlocking those inner doors in our hearts and minds.


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