Miracles Lesson 7

 Miracles Lesson 7: “I see only the past. “

The Course says all I see is the past. How true this is! 

The past is a bunch of loaded situations. The Course says that the past includes things we think we know or about which we have some awareness.

We think we know something because we have experiences that color our understanding. Then we are convinced that our past views of the world are accurate and valid.

The past is that thing that makes us sure we know how things are, so the Course wants us to gain awareness that we do not have a good sense of how things are in the present simply because we are so affected by our judgments of the past experiences.

We feel convinced that we know the truth because we have experiences from the past that make us think the world is a certain way.

The Course wants us to be willing to be open to the possibility that we don’t know how things are. God wants us to ask and be in a state of questioning simply instead of being convinced we know how things are.

Questioning is sacred because we are open to God’s answers when we do. The ego is always confident it knows how things are, and this is an energetic cut-off from God’s Love.

Questioning is miraculous, and the essence of the Course is to question all of the ego’s dark opinions. When w see the truth of the lies the ego tells us, then all is well. Questioning is sacred because it is the willingness to look and see. The Course goes through the effort of explaining that questioning is the best thing to do throughout the workbook. 

The Course wants us to realize the past is the only thing we see to get to a place where we are willing and happy to stay in the present.

We want to question the past since all we see is the past. We want to embrace that history is not real so that we won’t give it so much faith in our perception. The questioning is super because history is not natural and never occurred. When questioning something, we get to a place of believing it may not be accurate, so this is why it is worth doing.

The past is what we base our thinking on and what we see in our everyday lives, and the past influences us so much because we believe it is accurate, and our minds think by making certain assumptions. So the Course wants us to question what we see.

The ego is so convinced it sees and knows genuinely, so we need to realize that it is insane and has no real clue how things are. The ego is always trying to throw us off, so it uses the past to its advantage. The ego uses all of the perceptual knowledge we have collected from the past. It tries to make us think the ego’s view of how things are in our reality is reality.  

The Course points out how much the ego and the past mislead us. We are asked to be willing to look at the past, forgive it and let it go promptly. Do not suffer over what happened in the past.   

All Love,


Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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