We must permit our egos to be invisible

Laurie’s Positive Points: We must permit our egos to be invisible.

Having our egos vacant within is the key to maintaining a well-lived life.

We have this shadowy part of ourselves that is also full of scarcity and lack and is very dark, called the ego. We all have egos, it is part of human nature, but the ego can be something that we have at some point noticed, but the rest of the time, when we remember to choose light, our egos disappear.

We don’t want to hear them and see them, so we need to make sure we accept our egos and do not allow them a prominent voice in our lives.

The ego will disappear when we remember not to enhance them through participating in their words and behavior. Our egos disappear when we are open to letting this happen. 

The problem is that we get attached to the world, and we get invested in what happens there. Our egos tell us the world is accurate and inescapable, so the ego is a loud voice and often wants to run the show.

Our egos are always big producers of actions and behaviors. The ego likes to think the world is real and has consequences, so we need to notice when our egos are getting attached to the world and are suffering over the world. We need to catch this when we have it and prevent it from happening.

 When we get attached, we have all kinds of suffering, so we need not go to this extreme. The world is an illusion, a simple projection of our minds, so it is essential, we don’t get invested in making the world real.

Remember that we want to not accentuate the ego by pouring energy into it and not making it more prominent. We want the ego not to be there at all, so we make an effort to do that- we refuse to pour energy into it. What is best is to allow it to disappear.

 But when the ego is there being difficult, we need to remember to accept all of the darkness of the ego because if we don’t take the ego, we will have a hard time changing it at all.   

Accepting is the best way to make friends with the ego. We don’t want to perpetuate the ego, but we need to welcome it when we see it there.

We must invite it to be wherever it is and accept it for what it is. If we don’t buy it, we will make communing with it much more difficult. If we don’t get the ego, we have all sorts of resistance to it.

Anytime we feel resistance to the ego, our minds push it away because we don’t want to embrace it. When we do this resistance, our minds resist connecting with God.

We need to embrace everything or have lots of blocks to the Love of our Creator, which will be terrible for us. 

 The ego needs to be held in respect. Even though we don’t want to make it bigger, we need to respect it and welcome it because it is part of us.

Then we can direct it to stay out of our minds from a place of Love and forgiveness, with simply the wish for it not to be heard more remarkable than the Love of our Creator.

All Love,

 Laurie Prezbindowski

 Licensed Acupuncture


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