Miracles Lesson 365

Miracles Lesson 365: Introduction: Final lessons: “This Holy instant would I give to you. Be You in charge. For I would follow You, certain that Your direction gives me peace.”

 This introduction states, “For we would not return to the belief in sin that made the world seem ugly and unsafe, attacking and destroying, dangerous in all ways, and treacherous beyond the hope of trust and escape from pain.”

Sin is the only thing that is genuinely wrong with the world. We need to realize that the world will be and is entirely transformed when we erase the notion of sin from our minds.

The world is not wrong when we remember we are all sinless, and there is nothing wrong there.

We forget to embody the truth that all those in the world are sinless, and we make everything terrible. So we need to remember that the world is fine when we place it ts.

Our minds are the only ones doing the faulty thinking, so we are reminded in the Course to watch our minds and catch them when we forget we are sinless.

And then take actions to erase this kind of destructive thinking. 

The world is a perception, and we can change how we perceive the world. The Course asks us to be empowered, show up and see what is going on there and take action steps to heal our thinking about the world.

The world will be fun when we give our minds the balm of forgiveness about the world. All we need to do is let it be this way, change our thinking. 

It also says,” And we were saved from all the wrath we thought belonged to God and found that it was a dream.”

The Course’s wisdom is so great that the Course reminds us that God loves us and declares we are sinless for all time and, therefore, completely lovable. All we need to do is remember this.

The Course says that God never punishes us because God loves us so much and is committed to our happy, healthy selves.

God never gets mad at us, but many religions teach that, so it can be tough not to believe this anymore.

We need to make lots of effort to accept this, embody it, and take it in. It is true. We need to let it be true.


Over and over, the Course says that the idea of God’s wrath toward us disappears once we realize it is untrue. God never is angry at us for anything; the world and sin are imaginary, so we need to remember the world is an illusion.

The Course says that all is fine when we remember the world and evil are not real, and when we do, they disappear.

We need to get our minds screwed on straight. Everything is fine if we let it be so.

All Love,

 Laurie Prezbindowski

 Licensed Acupuncture 


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