Laurie’s Reflections

Lesson 106: “Let me be still and listen to the truth.”

The Course is teaching us how to get quiet.  

We are learning to have more consciousness when we are in the position of being functional in the world.  

We get so busy.  We all have a lot going on and we often enjoy a certain degree of being engaged in life’s activities.  People can find this fulfilling and meaningful.  But what can happen- to the extent that people are busy this can end up being a bit unbalanced.  We often are excited about actives and that is beautiful and what the Course teaches us- to be inspired and to love what we are doing.  What often happens is we reach a degree of being over busy where we are doing activities to some degree so we can escape getting acquainted with our inner world.

Our egos absolutely love to be so preoccupied with some task that we then never stop to notice how we feel or what we think about.

±We become actually addicted to being busy. 

When being busy provides us with an escape from paying attention to what is happening emotionally this is surely not ideal and not what the Course is teaching us.  The line between the extent of being addicted to being busy versus simply fully engaged in what we are doing is sometimes not a sharply defined line that seems obvious for us.  Sometimes we fall into a pattern when we are not realizing it.

The Course teaches us to stop and pay attention.  Being over busy is not what we want if it prevents us from getting to know ourselves or when it prevents us from taking time and effort to do our activities from a God-Minded energy.  First thing we want to do is simply make time.

If we don’t know how to listen to the quiet within while we are still being so active in the world, we may not be able to just switch automatically into operating in that mode.

•This is why we can take baby steps to get there.  

We first want to reduce that overfull schedule and make intervals in the day when we are doing less or not multitasking in a way that prevents us totally from being mindful in our activities.

We can take practical steps to simply carve out more time from our agenda where we can sit and pay attention to how we feel and what we want.  This practical step affords us the chance to get to more quiet and still within first.  Our quiet is the best way to get to know ourselves if we have not been doing this much before.

♥It helps us to simply be present with our minds in the exact moment we find ourselves. 

This is the way to give our minds space to be wherever they are about everything.  Then we can sit with our minds if they need to process any recurring feeling that may have arisen in the process of making quiet for ourselves.

We have to understand that we have the capacity to give ourselves space to be totally present with ourselves in the moment.  What happens is that we get so busy sometimes.  We may not have learned yet how to carry the quiet with us into the moment of activity when we are actually doing things.

♠This then will mean we can’t stay in the present because we are dissociating from the present in choosing to be overly attached to our busyness. 

We can’t connect to what is happening to us within if we are so overly focused on the frenzy of activity.  This means we will lose touch with the essential information about how we feel.   When we are constantly overlooking this essential information then we end up losing touch with what is important to us because we are too busy in our external focus.

The Course is teaching us to be quiet in the moment.  We want to be quiet within so we can then attend to our emotions when they come up and filter them as a process through our minds whenever they come up.  This is so we won’t leave unprocessed emotions within to simply start to accumulate and block the flow to Love’s presence simply because we haven’t dealt with them yet.  This is why it is ever so important to stay clear internally in this effort to not block the flow to God’s energy.  This is what happens when we get into that addictive state of wanting to be so busy we aren’t in touch with what is happening emotionally or spiritually.

•The Course teaches us to be mindful throughout our days so we can be slow or deliberate enough that we are giving appropriate space and time for our emotions to occur when they do.  

Then our emotional states will remain clear of blockages.  Then we then can actually bring the quiet with us all the time.  When we become really experienced at this process of keeping our emotions attended to and clear then we get to a place where the emotions that come up in life’s situations are easily managed because we are used to giving them space.

♦Therefore, we can get to that place where doing this in the moment is so automatic that we don’t have to take special time to stop to do the process in this other highly conscious way in the present. 

♣It can happen immediately in the flow of activity. 

All we have to do is do it while we are otherwise engaged in life.  This is how we carry the quiet of God’s Love and certainty with us always.


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