Lesson 275 Laurie’s Reflections

Friday, October 2, 2015

Lesson 275: “What is the Christ?” “God’s healing voice protects all things today.”

What the Course teaches us is that God has a healing voice.  Our worldly concept of God is often a God with a harsh, biting words.  We often have no connection with God and healing because we are afraid of God.  We may hear that God is eager to punish us whenever we have a moment of failing in some category.  God is perceived as a crazy parent who personifies the drama queen.  Religions often say the same, that God will be upset when we fall through on some mistakenly overlooked task.  Doesn’t matter that it is an honest mistake because our egos just like to latch onto that idea that God is more like our enemy with hostility flowing from God’s heart.

When we don’t realize that God is truly something totally different we often get distressed that God is out to get us or we may even feel resentful that God is giving us what we perceive as a hard time.  Our worldly view is that God’s voice is quite far from healing.  We think God is maybe neutral when we have all our ducks in a row and there is no moment of mistaking in our task for a moment.  We may think God is an emotional yo yo and so we are lucky when we do what God deems as correct so we don’t get lashed out at verbally.  How can we possibly be at peace when we are imagining that God is out to get us and nothing we can do will prevent this?  There is no way to be in peace when we believe God is angry at us.

A healing energy and healing voice is extraordinarily wonderful and increases the joy and ease in our existence exponentially.  When we have someone looking out for us, be that a person or our family or friends, this is the amazing shared energy of well-being.  This well being is on all levels.  The Course is saying that God loves us so much e is not just wishing us well, but God is actively creating wellness for us because God gives and shares with us his healing energy and healing voice.  This means that God, our beloved Father, is always looking out for us.  He is not just wishing us peace but actually giving us the healing energy that is the root of our peace.

God makes Himself ever available to us.  All we have to do is remember who God is and how much He loves us and the type of Love that God is giving us.  Then we are automatically changed by it and swept up in it within our hearts because it is pouring out from our cells.  This is the way to really grow and evolve because God is always meeting us with healing energy.

When we attempt to do something new it can momentarily disrupt our steady certainty if we are having a moment of wondering how to do that particular thing.  Part of us can have our energy ruffled for just a second because we may not be used to this particular use of our brains or using our bodies in a new way.  Our system may have moments of feeling overwhelmed or just a bit ruffled energetically.  But the beauty of having God as our number one cheerleader and nurse to support us and heal us is that God is always available to give us lasting healing.

When we move in new ways, we may take a moment to adjust to this new feeling of a new experience.  God is there in perfect timing to do it with us and to lather us up with every bit of healing energy we may need to reintegrate that new feeling and make ourselves anew with a grander array of personality traits and a broader range of emotional capacity.  God wants us to be extraordinary human beings because we can be and it’s more fun when we are in the happy dream.  Therefore, God rushes up to our hearts and brings warm healthy perfectly aligned energy to heal any place we go to to try something new.


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