Lesson 276 Laurie’s Reflections

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Lesson 276: “What is the Christ?” “The Word of God is given me to speak.”

We are all witnesses of God.  We all can speak from His mind without fail.  All we have to do is have confidence and certainty that this is so.  We are created with the direct inflow of God’s thinking, we simply need to attune to it.  This is quite the miracle that God is in no way kidding that we speak His voice.  We offer His words from our lips.  This is the grandest of accomplishments by us because this is actually true.  God thinks so highly of us that He gave us  His words as our own.  We don’t have to figure out how to be worthy, we already as as God says so.

We don’t have to shy away from this part of our existence and think that we are being arrogant to think God in His glory would take even the smallest bit of effort to speak through us when we are mere mortals.  We can shirk off the embarrassment and not try to pretend like we are being ridiculous to make this assumption.  God absolutely has our backs here.  God says in the Course, in Jesus’s words that we are given the gift of being able to speak God’s words.  We can not even make that up.  That may seem to outsiders that this is a tall tale to tell.  This is not trying to inflate our egos.  We are not trying to be anything we are not.  Jesus’s says this is our function.

When we don’t accept it gracefully then we are actually snubbing our nose at God and saying we know more than He does.  Our egos act like they know better than God does.  Our egos think their insight is credible.

Sometimes our egos may not be willing to step up to the task and they say this is because we couldn’t possibly be the vessels through which God energy and God brilliance comes.  The only reason we get into this crazy relationship to our purpose where we are not willing to do it is because we forget that we are totally lovable.  When we don’t feel good about ourselves then we start to play mind games with God and we get on that old standard emotional roller coaster and we deny the truth within us that we are meant to speak the words of God.

We need to stay in our certainty and not be unwilling to come to terms with this part of our purpose in the world.  We need to learn how to honor this and along the way learn something about how to live in this part of our functional role on the planet.  We need to first come to the emotional comfort and ease with this role.  This doesn’t make us better or worse than anyone else as our egos jump to conclude.  Everyone else is equally gifted with the same gift in our reality- we all are the children of God.  Therefore, each one of us can and does speak God’s word.
We may just need to pray for a bit and have a conversation with God if we don’t know how to come to a place in ourselves where we know how to hear God’s words.  It may take us a while while we investigate with God how to actually play our part in the dialogues we will and do have with God.   There is no right or wrong about how to access God’s words within us.  We simply need to be willing to ask God how we will learn to recognize when God is speaking or when the ego is speaking.  We need to forgive this process and have compassion with ourselves as this is a slow process.  The important thing is that it is possible to do this.  We just need to do enough to get our own blocks around this kind of communication out of the picture- as in negate their reality- and then also be open enough to speak to God and listen to God.  When we truly become available to God, we can then hear His Voice


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