Lesson 277 Laurie’s Reflections

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Lesson 277: “What is the Christ?” “Let me not bind your Son with laws I made.”

Jesus in the Course says we made this crazy world.  We made up everything in it.  We made the laws, we made all the structure and rules.  Part of what we needed to do in life is develop structure in the world because we can’t live in society without it.  We need to have common agreements that everyone adheres to for the sake of living harmoniously in groups.  We can’t do otherwise because we will end up hurting each other or killing each other or at least making each other unhappy when we all aren’t willing to adopt common systems that we can use to live the most fruitful and long life we can live.

If we don’t discuss with others how we want to treat each other and ourselves and by what ways we want to respect each other, thus furthering each other’s evolution, we simply will not know how to behave toward each other.  Not everyone automatically knows how to connect peacefully and honor each other’s possessions in the world of form.  This often requires a spell of discussing how to apply common rules amongst all the people with whom we share the tribe.  This conversation is a good thing.  In the world, we need to communicate with each other as humans and come to an understanding amongst us how to treat each other and how to support the sustaining of our species.

This originally makes sense for all of us who live on the earth.  As people got better at communicating and the tribes grew larger, there were more people sharing the same space.  In this case, humankind did the logical thing and developed a conversation where we talk about our wants and needs within the structure of society.  This action served to help us understand all the people’s wants and feelings and then helped us to understand our expectations of each other so we could anticipate when someone might need some support along the way in our time relating to each other.  The society is in theory really great.  It gives people practice communicating and negotiating our various needs.  In the best case scenario this support in a societal structure is helpful for sure.

What unfortunately often happens with our ego mind is even when we have brilliant ideas and practices that serve us quite well, we still end up with ego intention rather wrecking and skewing the healthy principles upon which whatever- the societal structure- was created.  The ego used laws actually rather to sway us into believing that we are limited by them.  The ego always misuses fabulous ideas for a false purpose.

The ego is always trying to constrict and bind and prevent.  This is its common theme.  Society can be of a great expansive energy if we use it as a platform upon which to introduce discussions about how to live with and relate to each other in ways that are more beneficial and God focused, rather than having the false ideas of how structure can limit our expanding consciousness.  Know that our energetic power is expansive.  God is expansive- such as joining in love- is expansive.  The ego constricts.  What we are invited to do is stay on the task of noticing each area of our lives where the ego is in control.  We are sure there to be in constriction.  Our ego can do this to anything.  Societal structure is sure one area this is very common.  Rather, look at everything with the third eye and use God’s vision to assess what is the true nature of our current relationship to it.  Do we need to realign how we are with it?


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