Lesson 281 Laurie’s Reflections

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Lesson 281: “What is the Holy Spirit?” “I can be hurt by nothing but my thoughts.”

The Course teaches us that with and in a mindset of God’s certainty, nothing can impact us in any meaningful way.  Jesus says that we are the determiners of how safe and invulnerable we are and feel.  We are the ones who are in touch with our minds and therefore we are always deciding what to think.  What we think this creates our own feelings as a consequence, and also creates our energetic experience of being a live person within the electromagnetic world.  Here, we constantly exchange this electromagnetic energy.

The Course says that nothing in the world of form has any meaningful impact because it is actually with no true substance.  The world is just our dream, be it our nightmare or a happy dream.  But it is with no validity as it is not pure God energy.  This is why the Course clarifies and accentuates- don’t put so much weight on what is happening in our experience in the world because it simply isn’t real.  In our ego-mind we are led to believe that the world exists because we experience it with our senses.  This is why Jesus gives us much emphasis in the Course that we are meant to do the opposite of our ego’s wishes. The world without substance because it is not purely and only love.  We are taught here to get out of our habit of thinking the world can harm us in any way because we think the physical level of our existence can affect us in every way.
Jesus keeps reminding us that our thoughts are the only energy that is real and has any impact on our idea of the experience of our living.  Our thoughts are the only energetic true substance.  This why they have power to create in the same manner God creates.  Our thoughts project out into the world and constantly manifest themselves in our lives and worlds.  This is why we are invited to watch them closely.  We also are invited to have thoughts that are purely aligned with God’s Love and none other.  This is the way we can impact what we see.

When we accept the responsibility for creating the world we can rejoice in this because this is the way to get out of any kind of hell where we might have gotten into the habit of living regularly.  The Course says that when we think with kindness and forgiveness, gentleness and inspired Love this is the way to actually recreate what we may have seen before and not liked what we then saw.  The Course says we can be thrilled about this chance to play in the world.  Just be willing to have light thoughts and allow the world to be the out picturing of our happy, peaceful mind, and it will make for us the happiest dream we could ever have.


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