Lesson 336 Laurie’s Reflections

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Lesson 336: “What is the ego?”  “Forgiveness lets me know minds are joined.”

Forgiveness is not sporadic, but constant.

Forgiveness is not necessarily an action.  It can be when we feel so called to engage in extending forgiveness.  However, the Course invites us to have forgiveness be a constant state of mind.  Forgiveness needs to be the backdrop of emotion in our minds.  This is the foundation upon which we make all other decisions.  When we feel forgiveness first within then our minds remain at peace.  Nothing gets shoved under our ego’s emotional rug because it is all open to be aired out and attended to- getting to a place of forgiveness regardless of what it stirred for us.  When forgiveness is that state of mind that is constant then everything we do makes sense in God’s world as we see that everyone is sinless and worthy of receiving our forgiveness.

When we maintain our level of forgiveness then everything about how to see peace is realized.  We must practice the realization that whatever was the upsetting issue never occurred in the first place.  The Course says that the challenge that we think needs forgiveness never happened in the first place as it is understood as unreal.  This means it in fact has no impact on us and no sense of wounding to us.  When it is unreal it has no kick to our state of mind.  We go unscathed.   What we need to do is hold this reality in our minds and so our sense of forgiving others then carries no energetic rejection in terms of resentment over the difficulty between us.  This is why it is imperative to get our minds clear of any lasting emotional baggage that our egos like to harbor over what they see as something that is real and injurious to us.

When we bring forgiveness of our brothers and sisters to our brothers and sisters then we have no lingering upset over that issue that our egos wanted to hold onto to chew on the emotional upset over it.  Then we can step up and bring our pure and unadulterated forgiveness to the people we think upset us with no struggle at all over extending this forgiveness.  We can feel completely calm and peaceful about offering our forgiveness because we feel invulnerable to any sense of wounding that challenge may have stirred in us- because we know that suffering over it is unreal.

When we bring the Course’s idea of forgiveness to our brothers and sisters we can feel truly safe and secure that our forgiveness is such a quality that it means the other people will feel very grateful for having it; because it is of the kind where we are not holding onto their false realities.  We can know that these people will be ever so grateful to receive this because it feels so euphoric to feel it and live in it.  Furthermore, when we forgive in the Course’s view then we also have this incredible energy and feeling of joining with others.  When we are holding the reality of whatever problem in question, then we are maintaining our judgement and holding resentment and anger at that person.

Then the person may in turn feel guilty because our egos like to hold them accountable for this sense of violation we decided we feel.  When we do this in the act of forgiveness then no one feels safe enough to relate further or continue the relationship because they feel so much attack energy of all sorts coming between us.   When other people feel our attack thoughts then they don’t feel safe to join energetically.  This means we will be stuck without the blessed sense of union with others.  This is devastating and tragic.  The energy of that joining is the way we get to God.  Therefore, our connection with God is put on hold unless we come with forgiving hearts.


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