Lesson 335 Laurie’s Reflections

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Lesson 335: “What is the ego?”  “I choose to see my brother’s sinlessness.”

What is so amazing about the Course is that it teaches us to behold our brothers’ and sisters’ sinlessness.  We so often are holding an axe to them in our minds.  Our egos are masters at holding grudges.  When we remember what we perceive as faults then we lose touch with how lovable other people are.  We start to sit with the ego’s criticism of them and we definitely halt the flow of Love that God is teaching us how to remain unblocked between us.

When our egos have decided that other people are wrong, this Love withdrawal is the natural result.  When we are busy putting them down then we completely lose touch with that energy flow of wanting to join and extend Love to them because we respect and value them.  This is when we stop being happy.  When we get out of the flow of loving them then we forget to connect with God’s Love.  We stop being open to love because our hearts are filled with arrows of judgement.

This is why we are directed to remember that everyone out there is sinless.  This may seem on the edge of extreme- after all, how could people never falter?  Jesus reminds us here that this is God’s interpretation of our worthiness and this is based strictly on God’s version of what we see.  God knows the truth of us that we all are totally sinless.  We are sinless because there is nothing we could do that could in any way change or negate this innate quality.  We are invited to remember that the world could be a place where we do things wrong.  Other people or ourselves may make moves in the world that seem flawed to the ego.

What we learn from God’s angle is that there is never a problem because God plans all that happens for our highest good.  This is why other people and their actions are in fact simply sinless.  This is something we want to carry in our inner interpretation of the people with whom we interact. This is the reason we can and do allow Love of God to flow between us at all interactions.  When we exclude our judgement then we have no other reason to believe they did something wrong.  Our task is to allow everything to be the vision of God’s perfection.

When we do this then we live in true joy and peace because the flow of God’s Love is activated between us and other people.  We aren’t holding back when we listen to the ego’s criticism of the person we see.  Allow them to be our saviors as the Course teaches us.  Every last person is our teacher about how to be saved and how to get home to Heaven.  When we set aside our judgement of them then our minds are open for our uniting.  This openness is the sure way to meet and embrace God in our actions with others.  Then our light hearts result because we see that these people in the remembering of their sinlessness we then adjust our openness.  Instead we join with God in the remembrance of all of our great fortune to be blessed with God’s perfect peace.


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