ACIM Lesson 205

Lesson 205: Review: “I am not a body.  I am free.  For I am still as God created me.”  “I want the peace of God.” 

The Course reminds us to be gentle with ourselves and our decision making process.

We may notice that the ego is harsh with demands- either literally or with simply wordless demand energy that ends also in the same outcome as demands themselves. 

The Course’s message is a gentle one.  We are learning to be kind to ourselves especially.  Our ego very typically has inner wars with us.  Our ego may be particularly harsh to us specifically because our ego’s voice is hidden within us.

No one can hear this accept for us so the ego can get away with this harshness and we can’t stop it because we don’t know how. The Course says that we are meant to be kind to our minds and hearts. We tend to push down the ego’s cruelty and hide it away from our minds because it seems so harsh we don’t want to deal with it.  Then we end up totally disconnected from what is actually happening in our mind.

We don’t want to have to register how terrible if feels.  

The Course teaches us to get honest with ourselves. 

We want to be brave and sit and acknowledge those difficult ego parts of us that are lacking love and acting out in some dysfunctional way. 

Acknowledging them is the only way to bring them into our awareness and from that place allow God to heal them.  Our practice includes not being angry at ourselves for having these areas of our minds that make us miserable.  We want to bring them forward in our minds.  We want to give them love.  This is always the only way to heal.

Any appearance of lack of love in the ego’s presentation is always remedied with adding love to the situation. 

When we shower that part of our awareness with love, then we have a shift in energy and we realize there was never anything wrong.  We simply needed to feel this love and connect with it it whatever way is most healing.

We also want to talk with God about this part of us that we don’t know how to heal.

The Course says God is always available for ultra healing.  We must give this dilemma to God’s altar and allow God to give us clarity about how to heal it.  We can feel afraid of looking at whatever issue we are hiding.  The Course says God can do everything.  There is no limit to God’s power.

Thus, we can trust that God’s capacity to heal whatever is plaguing us even if it seems over the top, God always has the perfect plan how to resolve the problem. 

This is why we can be happy all the time. We don’t have to do anything but be there.

The Course says our only goal in life is to feel the peace of God.  This means we can release each single other plan.

Nothing else will make us happy.

Just stay focused on allowing this to be our only purpose.  The world brings us plenty of distraction.  The Course gives us this crystal clear message that our peace is the only goal worth fighting for.

Sometimes this means fighting the good fight. 

When we make the good fight it is when we are fighting for our own peace and happiness.

When we fight the good fight there is no conflict within it because it is only for our higher good.  

Yet it is the energy where we enlist our full effort to remain vigilant about catching our wandering minds becoming invested in the illusion for any other reasons than our waking up.  The Course reminds us that we are worth the effort to get to the other side of where we find our peace safely, instantly and constantly.

Just remember this is the only fight we want to have- for elevating our minds.


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