Lesson 140 Laurie’s Reflections

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Lesson 140: “Only salvation can be said to cure.”

In the world we have multiple woes.  Sometimes it seems like we have endless challenges.  They come left and right and our egos are always in a vicious cycle of seeing or judging the newest problem and then proceeding to search the world for answers.  And we get informed that our world has a plethora of cures or answers which will effect the problem in such a way that in the end we will discover the termination of the problem.  It all seems reasonable in the ego’s world that we will at some time catch up with this process and get ahead of the cycle of getting to the solutions.

The world tells us that when we get good enough at solving our problems, we will get “ahead of the game” and we will be able to solve problems before the next one comes along.  But this never happens because the world is plugged into lack and drama.  The world and our egos go right along to play the game where the answer is always and invariably far off.   Then our egos complain at endless lengths because we think salvation is just a breath away and we simply haven’t been lucky enough thus far to get ahead of the game.

This is the ego’s world where we are always searching for the end of our inner conflict, we search for a way to stop suffering.  We search for something that will work predictively to get us out of the hell we have created for ourselves in the world.  The ego just wants us to act out this dynamic where we try to pinpoint a way to stop our pain, but this will never cease.  The ego is ingrained with conflict and suffering so it will continue to see this and live this when it is left to its own devices.

This is why Jesus teaches us in the Course that our salvation is the only cure, the only way out of the struggle.  Our ego’s are quick to quip – but how in the world is salvation going to do anything for my stubbed toe?  This is the ego just trying to control our perception.  The ego wants us to miss the peace in the answer that God gives us in this lesson.  When we look to our salvation it is the feeling that nothing ever went wrong and that God loves us certainly and gives us every reassurance that  peace is the result of our salvation.

When we accept our salvation, we remember wholly that we are lovable.  This then can totally change our energy.  When we feel full of self worth and self respect the energy we exude is one of comfort in our certainty.  We may have little moments of getting jolted in the world’s drawbacks, but our feeling is so easy and certain and light that these kinds of worldly hits go almost unnoticed.  Also, we are so happy that we are always entirely loved by God and that our salvation of perfect peace and equanimity is our grateful and certain path.

This lesson says, “ Atonement does not heal the sick, for that is not a cure.  It takes away the guilt that makes sickness possible.”  The Course reminds us that if we simply take away the blocks to love’s presence our perfect peace and health lies quietly on the other side.  The atonement is not the magic pill to change something for us, to give us some healing energy.  If the guilt is absent, perfect certainty and abundance are a result as God’s gifts of generosity and love.  All we have to do is try not to fix anything or use the atonement to supplement what we don’t have.  This is a false perception.  There is no lack so there is need for cure when we simply realize we never separated from God.  Further, we never had a moment of missing out on some perfect reality.  It is ours when we notice it.


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