Lesson 139 Laurie’s Reflections

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Lesson 139: “I will accept Atonement for myself.”

the Course teaches us that our salvation is when we join with God.  This is also “At-one-ment” or “Atonement.”  This is the ultimate way to joy and peace because we get to enjoy being aligned and within God.  Jesus wants us to know that the our job is to understand what is truly important in God’s plan, and this is the joining or unity amongst our brothers and sisters and with God.  When we stand firm in our commitment to joining, we end up in the most perfect situation which is as the offspring of God.  Jesus wants us to understand that we don’t have to DO anything in order to get ourselves right with God.  We don’t have to work to get to heaven or to be given salvation.  This is all automatic because God so loves us, He gives us all we need to be aligned fully with God.  Further,we are perfectly joined with God because this is our natural state.  When we join with God we see that everything is just right.

I like that Jesus uses the “At-one-ment” word here because it just is the perfect statement and reminder that we don’t seek anything else now nor will we ever need to seek for this.  The word just spells out for us that our union with God is not only our sole destiny, it is also the thing that makes us most happy.

Lots of people in the world seek for other pleasures to place in the mindset of our individual goals.  But this always leave us wanting because the world is surely only temporary.  This lesson is the amazing understanding that we have the perfect plan from God already in place as we are today.  The union with God is completely in tact.  All we have to do is notice that it is happening and has happened already.  Therefore, all we have to do is be here and now to enjoy it.

In the Course’s idea the joining with God and with our brothers and sisters is entirely made full with love.  When we join it is with the knowing that God’s perfect love is the energy we share in the action and intention of joining.  Therefore, we end up with feelings of elation and out of this world contentment because we are actively participating in God’s love and then extending it to others in the action of joining.  This is why the At-one-ment is the absolute favorite thing for any of us to do when we are focused on creating an elevated energy (God energy) within our lives.  The Atonement is the perfect source of joy because it is peace beyond compare.

This lesson says, “Today accept Atonement, not to change reality, but merely to accept the truth about yourself, and go your way rejoicing in the endless Love of God.”  This is the essence of this whole lesson and the Course more broadly.  We are the children of God so our very destiny is already set as unquestionably saved and redeemed by God today and always.  We are the rightful heirs of God’s kingdom so our fortune of being given the Kingdom of God will never change no matter what we say or do or if we seem to sin.  This is why we can rejoice and be happy because we don’t have to do anything to accomplish this extraordinary destiny.  It is already laid out by God.  We can just relax, smile in peace and play.


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