Lesson 138 Laurie’s Reflections

Monday, May 18, 2015

Lesson 138: “Heaven is a decision I must make.”

One of the beautiful ways of the Course is that it gives us the chance to be fully engaged in the process of sustaining our peace and equanimity.  Jesus says God is not going to force any decision upon us about how to live our lives.  God is always gentle.  God gives us the chance to choose for ourselves.  We don’t get to choose for our kids or partners or anyone else, but we do get the space to choose for ourselves.

God wants us to be awake and bringing our own willingness to the picture of our salvation.  God loves us and so appreciates the unique light that all of us bring to God’s ocean.  Therefore, God is happy to make sure we get to play our unique role in the process of our salvation.  We get to bring our hearts and set them delicately on God’s altar for the purpose of being conscious of our decision to make God our only way and path.
This is the way to peace when we get to decide for ourselves to choose God because then we are not in any way in conflict within ourselves.  We aren’t confused and half-heartedly living our lives because we are fully present in God’s plan when we include our volition.
God wants us to know that He would never ever force us to choose Him because He loves us so completely.  He allows us to have our process and take whatever time we need to draw our own conclusion that God is the only way for us.  God says we can take whatever amount of time that this takes to truly bring ourselves to the choice for God.

Jesus says God will wait however long it takes until we make God our only decision.  Our God is wholly compassionate and understands our human dilemma of how important it is to be a vital part of whatever decision making needs to be done.  God says time doesn’t exist in truth and in Gods world so we can take all the time we need and it doesn’t phase God in any way.  God is not under the illusion that we ever left in the first place.

However, we are asked to take heart that the process won’t take forever.  God says we never god separated in the first place, this was just our mistaken belief.  However it is God’s will that we remember in the end we are joined with God.  Thus, we can relax in the knowing that anxiety and guilt over our separation from God will simply end in our perception.

I think that making a truly conscious decision to choose God is a wondrous opportunity for us to be conscious and consider what we actually want.  This is always a beautiful thing when we can come to our day to day life with a clarity about what we want.  Everything becomes easier and clearer in the world when we show up to every task with a certainty that God is our only direction.  Then all our decisions are already made.  When we allow God to be our focus and pray  for guidance, every choice we make just brings us to a deeper awareness that we are connected deeply to our purpose with God each day.  Also, we can enjoy being there because no part of us is out of sync with God’s vision.


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