Lesson 137 Laurie’s Reflections

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Lesson 137: “When I am healed I am not healed alone.”

One of the beautiful things about doing A Course In Miracles is that through it we give up our sense of isolation and loneliness.  The ego is quick to feel sorry for itself when you have moments of feeling alone.  The ego often judges this severely and complains at length.  The ego doesn’t like to be alone, so often the ego’s solution is to watch TV and surf the internet, sometimes have endless conversations that in important ways don’t even feel like a connection with a sense of quality.  We are used to the ego having fits when we are alone because the ego can hear itself.   Thus, the judgments fly forth and fill our minds.  This is a tragedy because there is never a problem. The ego just likes to hear its own voice of dissatisfaction.

The ego has fits when we have alone time because it tells us that people who are loved are never short of company.  This is a terrible sense of blame that the ego has toward the world and other people for not providing us with constant entertainment.

What the Course teaches us is that we are never in fact alone.  When we have a sense of isolation it is just because the ego looks at the circumstance and thinks to itself- how can I cause an uproar?  The ego wants to have everything its way.  One of the things the ego can be incredibly harsh about is declaring how we suffer when we are alone.

Jesus in the Course teaches us that we are never alone.  Even if we have moments of being alone in our body, with no other bodies nearby, we still learn that it is the energetic level where we are all connected.  This sharing of energy among souls here never halt nor slows down nor hesitates.  It always remains in tact and fully functional.

Therefore, all we have to do is simply notice the feeling of love and the exquisiteness of our fellow sous and in our minds we find that this situation of loneliness is never truly apparent.   It is an illusion, a false assumption because we are always carried in the angelic love of God.  Also, our fellow humans share spirit with whom we always walk together in blessed union.  Therefore, we can be assured that our love is always at its optimal function.

We are also always combined with others.  If there is  a moment of feeling lonely in our human condition, it is ever so important to stop and find out through praying or self reflection how we can come to terms with the fact that  we are never alone.  Thus, we can simply just change our minds about how we feel.  The ego just likes to complain to hear itself but the truth is there is never a reason for it in truth.  Just stay focused on the commitment God gives us is to acknowledge that we are joined.  Then, stay joyful in the fact that we are never alone.


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