Lesson 337 Laurie’s Reflections

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Lesson 337: “What is the ego?”  “My sinlessness protects me from all harm.”

The Course teaches us to identify with our state of mind.  Jesus teaches us that we are inherently good.  Not only are we inherently good but we are in fact sinless.  There is no error within us or around us because God so wills it.  God is the master of all of the Universe and the most powerful entity that exists for all time.  He certainly has the skinny about who I am.  God knows about all of us as God is privy to the most powerful of plans.

God is all powerful in every way; therefore, if God made us there is no way we are less then perfect.  God is the one in charge for sure because He has the strength to determine what will be evident in the world.  Therefore, God is certainly correct in assessing our own personal identity.  God knows all, therefore God has it right all the time.  This is why we can step back, get right out of the way of God’s declaration and then step right back into the true version of who we are when we listen to God’s knowing.

This awareness of our sinlessness then goes on to be the foundation of our empowerment.  When we sit in the certainty of our perfection then we remember fully that we are lovable all the time.  When we remember our worth then we sit in a powerful feeling of love for ourselves. This Love is ever so powerful because it has the force to show us that we are invulnerable.  When our hearts are full of Love and forgiveness of the Godly kind we are above the battleground in the world.  No attack can settle in upon us because we carry the confidence which is God’s certainty that there is no evil in the world that can affect us.  Energetically we rise above the drama and low standing energy like attack.   This is the way our sinlessness and identifying as such is what gives us and creates us to be ultra powerful.  This is the way these ideas fit together to give us an invulnerable standing in the world.  We are encouraged to simply stay focused on identifying as our sinless nature in order to meet any seeming attack we see coming our way.

We are simply reminded to stay clear about how energy affects form.  As startling as it is sometimes- we learn that form is nothing other than energy at certain wavelengths.  This form in the world is simply the reflection of what we think because our minds ultimately have God’s power to Create.  This is why we can affect the world simply in choosing our thoughts.  We have to understand that this responsibility is at times daunting but it is also the way to actually change the world into what we actually want instead of the nightmare in which we often find ourselves.  Just appreciate that we have the power to do this.  Then make the clear willingness to do our part in making choices to reaffirm our sinlessness which is dictated and pronounced by God.  We must understand that the power of using our minds to choose peace by believing solely in our sinlessness is the way to have a certain peace of mind.

When we consistently choose to see our own sinlessness and other people’s sinlessness it is guaranteed that the world will change for the better too.  We may not always have the happy dream in the world.  Form may still seem imperfect.  But remember that we can have nothing but our happy dream if we continue to identify with our sinlessness.  The world usually follows suit in some way as well.  But even if form changes not, the amazing thing is that we feel perfect in God’s certainty.


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