Lesson 82 Laurie’s Reflections

Monday, March 23, 2015

Lesson 82: “The light of the world brings peace to every mind through my forgiveness.”  “Let me not forget my function.”

Light and peace and forgiveness are all ways to sure comfort and certainty.  We are asked to get to know all of these separately and then put them all together in a system of practical application so we can live through them and make use of them each waking breath.  We are asked to allow forgiveness to be an essential part of the mix of what we put together with confidence and certainty that it will all be used for our greater good.

Let’s remember that God has a plan for us always.  Even if our current world seems to us to be more bleak, know that we are always blessed because all circumstances will work together to create a scenario that down the line if not in the present moment will feel like a perfect life for us.  We are asked to trust.  And remember that we leave God out of many aspects of our lives.  The ego is quick to exclude God from the planning and existing.  The ego tries to run God out of the picture because the ego says, “God can’t help me here. The ego has to run loose because the ego is the only one with directions.”  But this is a big falsehood.

This is the way to stay in hell.  We are asked to pray for the clarity about how to forgive God for not seeming not to have the wherewithal to fix the dilemma.  We need to forgive God for not being able to be more evident in providing directions.  Sometimes we assume God isn’t doing the task of giving us guidance because we don’t perceive it.  We can for sure feel frustrated at God for not being obvious and also about not giving us the sense of faith we need to feel to get through our problems.

We need to forgive God and then ask for guidance about how to reach a deeper state of faith about how surrender these areas that feel too hard to release the struggle.  Sometimes we can be so stuck in our own struggle, we also find it hard to forgive ourselves.  We feel that we can’t let go.

We are asked here in this lesson to be steadfast in our knowing of what our function is.  This is important to just keep reminding ourselves of this one truth.  Our function is to be the light of God’s creation.  We are asked to remember our worth and live in the mind of salvation and extend this to the world.  We need to stay in touch with this one truth that is ever apparent.  However, sometimes first we need to do a whole round of forgiveness with ourselves and with God and the world to be free to access this truth that our function is perfectly in tact.


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