12-12-14 Lesson 346

Friday, December 12, 2014 Lesson 346 Laurie’s Reflections

Friday, December 12, 2014
Lesson 346: “Today the peace of God envelopes me, and I forget all things except His Love.”
It’s almost impossible to imagine FORGETTING all things.  We have such deep and strong attachment to things and our worldly existence.  It seems to fill every crevice of our days.  Things seem so real and we can’t stop thinking about them because we hold them as more dear to us than anything.  Our stuff feels more important to maintain than all that we see.  We don’t know how we could ever simply forget these things.
In forgetting, we see them as having no significance to our lives.  We can barely grasp this reality.  What we learn from the Course is that this type of forgetting can feel over the top for us to accomplish.  But regardless of the toughness of this act, we can go to God and implore Him to gain this ability that we still are learning.  We don’t have to figure this out.  We need to have confidence that God can do this for us.  We can let go of our own layer of insanity that we can do it thoroughly without the help of our Creator.
Our egos tell us that we will be lost if we forget the reality of the ego.  The ego panics and stresses and complains.  We are asked to gently let go of our attachment to the things we see in the world.  We can be sure that God knows exactly what we need to know to cope successfully with the world.  Thus, we can let go of our struggle over letting go.  We can rest in the knowing that God has a plan for our worldly existence that will result in a purpose filled life.  We can evaluate what we see without judgement.  See if for what it is and then let it go.  Then we can gain information without the emotional charge which detracts from our peace in the moment.
This lesson says, “Today the peace of God envelops me.”  I love the image of God enveloping us.  I see that God has us reliably wrapped in a security blanket.  God parents us with the ultimate kindness and safety.  God makes sure that we have every piece in the puzzle that needs sorting out.  We sit with God wrapping us securely with the certainty that all is well.  Then we sit with the most incredible feeling of safety.  Because God is the one Who always gives the perfect love that protects us from any mishap emotionally or physically.

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