12-11-14 Lesson 345

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Lesson 345: “I offer only miracles today, for I would have them returned to me.”

I love the reciprocal nature of miracles.  We are in fact in relationship with miracles because we give them and we receive them.  The miracles consist of an encompassing energetic circle.  The miracles are always coming and going.  I like the idea of our having relationship with miracles because it feels like a healthy exchange.  No one is forcing them on us or threatening to withhold the bounty of the miracle’s gifts.

When we have a healthy relationship, we know that we can wholly participate in the coming and going of miracles.  We don’t have to wonder how is this thing going to relate to us.  We can trust that it is available at abundant portions so we don’t have to worry if we will find ourselves feeling afraid to share the miracle because it is in short supply.

I love that the Course gives us great emotional tools so that we can have this optimal relationship with miracles.  We can know that they will come readily and abundantly because they are our gift from God which is never ending.

I love that the Course lets us know that the basic quality of miracles is that when we offer them, the natural result to this action is that they are wholly given back.  We can feel worried that if we give them away they will disappear.  But the miracle is an energetic shift or change in consciousness where we come to realize that there is nothing else to do but love and forgive what we see because God’s plan for our lives is perfect.

The miracle is the ultimate experience of comfort in our hearts.  And the miracle is an experience of this perfect love so when we feel it, it travels through our hearts and extends out into the world.  While it goes through us, that energy mushrooms exponentially so we are the first ones to be gifted with this incredible extension of love.  We don’t have to be concerned that the miracle will be lost to us in this gesture, because that miracle energy just blossoms within and evolves into our own beautiful garden of perfect forgiveness.


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