Laurie’s Reflections

Lesson 104: “I seek what belongs to me in truth.”

The world’s seeking is definitely a fruitless endeavor.  The world gives us false promises that never come through.  The ego focuses on the world in hopes that the ego will find some answers and resolution for our dilemmas.  The world thinks that seeking is part of life and that the endless torture we experience in the process of seeking when not finding is all part of how things have to happen.

Seeking can feel so disheartening because it is always attached to a sense of desperation because we feel so hopeful that we will have great luck but this is only temporary and never predictable. 

It is nothing we can count on at all much less try to find some sense of fulfillment from it.  Our hope to find some form of peace is always a lost cause for the ego because the ego’s mode has no substance.  The ego has no true resolution to what we perceive as problems.  This is why we always feel a terrible feeling of loss when we try to follow the ego’s lead.

We learn in the world that our seeking there has no positive outcome.  We are always left high and dry by the ego because we can never find anything that helps ameliorate our suffering.  This always makes us feel desperate because the act of seeking always leaves us wanting to say the least.  The seeking of the world is always with a high degree of misery because we never find anything that buoys that empty feeling within.  The seeking is a terrible way to face life because it never goes away.  No matter how much we fill ourselves, the seeking just lingers on as we have no true method of healing.  The ego simply has nothing of value to offer us. This is why no matter what and how many things we fill ourselves with, it always ends up being totally inadequate.  It never fills our hearts in ways that allow us to feel nurtured and sustained.

The seeking of the world is always about things filling things- these have no power to really reach into our souls and feed us in ways that we long to feel. 

Also, surely they do not truly give us a lasting peace.  The world is always filled with seeking that has no response in the form of a plan of action that will work for any extended amount of time.  The world is quick to answer with all physical experiences of trying to fill ourselves with more.  This is always the instant way to be totally in conflict within because we never feel good about this attempts to feed ourselves in the world this way.  It never works and we suffer over this substantially.

The Course is giving us another option.  We can choose God instead of the ego’s plan of attack in meeting our neediness in the world.  The ego says that we seek but we will never find an answer.  The Course says this is surely false.  The Course says that God’s Love is the exact thing we are looking for to take away any memory of suffering.

±God’s Love is all we need to get our minds out of the battleground and feel a grateful release from our suffering. 

♣God’s Love is the perfect answer to all of our sense of neediness, in whatever form that takes at different points in our lives. 

We have the absolute perfect answer to whatever we experience as that part of us that needs.

That is a miracle, that all we have to do is simply remember this one thing.  We need to fill our minds with God’s Love and this resolves whatever inner drama we may be feeling.  We can simply sit in the certainty that God loves us and allow all of our seeking to be completely taken care of.  The amazing thing is that we have the answer that we have always looked for.  Our seeking is not for naught.  Our seeking is a perfect feeling because as we learn in the Course our seeking is a perfect way to be in our minds because simultaneously we are also totally resolved about that feeling.  Our neediness and needs- our seeking- is perfectly tended to when we simply allow God to be the answer of whatever doubt or fear or judgement arises inside of us.

♥All of our seeming problems are directly resolved in this one act, in this one relationship we share with God. 

•Seeking is ok because it is also simultaneously resolved in this very moment.


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