Laurie’s Reflections

Lesson 103: “God, being Love, is also happiness.”

The Course uses the term “Love” as synonymous with God because we are getting into the out look little by little that God is Love.  The whole idea of God being Love can feel so unfamiliar to us.  We hear everywhere that God is a punitive God- Whose happiness originates from a retributive attitude.

◊We equate God with one who admonishes us to the max because God holds us responsible for our own ill fate.

We get an angry God who reprimands us for being human and venturing through life’s tribulations with a fair amount of clumsiness.  This means that we have learned that God is out to get us like the ego.  The ego likes to convince us that God is exactly like the ego.  It just seems more normal to accept this as some reality because we don’t realize it is all wrong.  We have the Course to teach us that we have had this all wrong from the beginning.

We simply didn’t realize this is crazy logic- no apparent logic at all- because truth doesn’t equal what is false. 

And the ego- which is false- is simply never God- which is truth. 

If we just connect the dots in our minds, we can do the math here.  We just have to seriously take a look that this.  Don’t allow this to pass by with no notice.

The Course teaches us that God is Love and therefore, Love is totally different than anything we learned before.

Love is an experience of true compassion and empathy and kindness and gentleness with a magical, light, healthy, holy, healing hit that makes us feel totally healed when we feel it and live it. 

The Course’s kind of Love- which is also God in truth, is that Love is the answer to all problems.  When we simply remember that we are all joined in this experience of Love then we realize that all of our disagreements are surmountable because in the grand scheme of things they mean nothing.  We realize that we have this extraordinary experience of joining, which is also an extension of Love and so loving other people is easy because we have such a pure definition of what Love is.

Since Love is actually so healing and wonderful, our extending of Love is also a true gift and brings us immense peace when we share this with others.

This is why loving other people throughout whatever conflict is actually totally easy.  When our hearts are filled with Love in the process of extending it to others, then we feel it- exactly the same perfection that we are putting outwardly.  This means we get to feel the Love ourselves when it is going through us and that’s why we stop resisting the joining love as a solution to bickering with others- because we understand that we come to our own healing within when we share Love.  Then our upset from whatever issue arose between us, becomes a distant memory- and an unreal memory- because we are in a place of a full heart of love.  Furthermore, our perspective feels full instead of the attack- with lack within attack-  when we were interacting with that other.

The Course teaches us how to use Love to solve any dilemma we find ourselves in the world.  If we find ourselves in an upset, this is a call for Love simply.  Therefore, all we have to do is add Love.  We bring Love within ourselves to the situation and we just need to feel it within ourselves.  Then if we want to respond to the situation, we do whatever it is with our own intention immersed in Love.  This then will be the healing way to come to that situation with Love.  We just have to remember that Love is always the answer.

♥Even if we do nothing in response- as simply a witness to what is happening- and let it run its own course, we do this with Love. 

This is how we use Love to our advantage because we have the experience and access to this Love- which is God’s.  

All we have to do is stay open to being filled in our minds with Love so we can then bring it with us and exude it in the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

We use Love to everyone’s advantage as well because we are all connected energetically.  Thus, if I shift my own energy to one of Love and I feel it, then also all other people also benefit from feeling this Love’s elevation, because by its own nature God’s Love likes to extend.   When we bring our own commitment to extending God’s Love, it does the same for other people because all people feel the extraordinary healing power of God’s Love when we simply acknowledge that it is already there.  Also, it has healed the situation already in its infinite capacity.


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